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The Advisory Committee on Antarctic Names (ACAN or US-ACAN) is an advisory committee of the United States Board on Geographic Names responsible for recommending commemorative names for features in Antarctica.[1]


The committee was established in 1943 as the Special Committee on Antarctic Names (SCAN).[2] It became the Advisory Committee on Antarctic Names in 1947.[1] Fred G. Alberts was Secretary of the Committee from 1949 to 1980.[1]

By 1959, a structured nomenclature was reached, allowing for further exploration, structured mapping of the region and a unique naming system. A 1990 ACAN gazeeter of Antarctica listed 16,000 names.[2]


The United States does not recognise territorial boundaries within Antarctica, so ACAN will assign names to features anywhere within the continent, in consultation with other national nomenclature bodies where appropriate, as defined by the Antarctic Treaty System.[3] The research and staff support for the ACAN is provided by the United States Geological Survey.[4]

ACAN has a published policy on naming, based on priority of application, appropriateness, and the extent to which usage has become established.[5] The United States Secretary of the Interior is in charge of formally appointing the members of the committee.[1]

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