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The Advocate General for Northern Ireland is the chief legal adviser to the British Government on Northern Ireland law and the post is held by the Attorney General for England and Wales by virtue of that office. The Advocate General and the Solicitor General for England and Wales have, in Northern Ireland, the same rights of audience as members of the Bar of Northern Ireland.[1]

The Advocate General was created as a separate office upon the devolution of policing and justice powers to the Northern Ireland Assembly on 12 April 2010.[2]

Unlike the Advocate General for Scotland, the position is not supported by a distinct government department. Instead, that support is provided by the civil law and Northern Ireland section within the Attorney General's Office at Westminster.[3]

The chief legal adviser to the Northern Ireland Executive is the Attorney General for Northern Ireland.[4]

List of Advocates General[edit]

Colour key (for political parties):
  Conservative   Labour

Name Portrait Term of office Political party Prime Minister
The Baroness Scotland of Asthal PatriciaScotland2a.jpg 12 April 2010 11 May 2010 Labour Gordon Brown
Dominic Grieve Official portrait of Mr Dominic Grieve crop 2.jpg 12 May 2010 15 July 2014 Conservative Cameron
Jeremy Wright Jeremy Wright, Attorney General for England and Wales.jpg 15 July 2014 9 July 2018
Geoffrey Cox Official portrait of Mr Geoffrey Cox crop 2.jpg 9 July 2018 Incumbent

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