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Auburn University Libertarians holding an Operation Politically Homeless event, presenting a version of the Diamond Chart

Advocates for Self-Government is a non-profit, non-partisan libertarian educational organization. It was founded in 1985 by Marshall Fritz, who died in 2009.[1] As of 2017, Michael Sertic heads the organization as its president, and Brett Bittner is the executive director[2]. Chris Rufer is the chairman of the board of directors.[3][4]

The organization is best known for popularizing the "World's Smallest Political Quiz", which has been taken online over 23 million times.[5] The quiz uses an adaptation of the Nolan Chart[6], which does not include foreign policy.[7]

Authors of content for the Advocates for Self-Government include Alice Salles and Tulsi Gabbard.[8][9]

The Advocates for Self-Government maintains a database of libertarian-leaning celebrities,[10] trains libertarians to be effective communicators, and, in partnership with Students For Liberty, operates Operation Politically Homeless (OPH) outreach booths.[11]

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