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Ady Gil is a multimillionaire Israeli animal rights activist living in the Hollywood, United States of America. He is a vegan.[1] Gil was raised in Ramat Gan, he joined the Israel Air Force from where retired at the age of 25. He emigrated to USA. There in partnership with Erez Ram,also a veteran of the Israeli Defence Forces he founded, in 1992 American Hi Definition, a company involved in high density big screen video projection. In November 2010, the company was acquired by NEP Broadcasting.[2] After this sale Gil became a full time animal rights activist. He donated USD 6 million to his organisation Ady Gil World Conservation.[1] Gil set up a shelter for cats and dogs in Los Angeles and paid for sterilisation of 6000 cats in Israel. He built a large roosting structure for eagles in a wildlife sanctuary on Mount Carmel. Gil donated millions to Sea Shepherd Conservation Society to refurbish a ship for use for its anti-whaling campaigns, the ship was given his name Ady Gil, the ship suffered sinking 290 km from Antarctica as a result of an incident with the Japanese ship Shonan Maru No 2 used for killing whales.[3] The loss of the ship has been the subject of litigation between Gil and Paul Watson founder and director of Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.[4] In December 2014, Gil paid USD 2 million to rescue 1300 monkeys from a facility that bred them so that they would be exported to the United States for being subjected to experiments that maimed and killed them.[1]


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