Adygea Airlines

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Adygea Airlines
Авиалинии Адыгеи
IATA ICAO Callsign
Operating bases Maykop Airport
Headquarters Maykop, Adygea
Key people Pedchenko Alexander Pavlovich (General Director)

Adygea Airlines (Russian: Авиалинии Адыгеи, Avialinii Adygei) was the state-owned national airline of the republic of Adygea, in Russia. The company was founded in 1997[1] and liquidated at the end of 2009.


In 2008 the airline went into liquidation while the government sought an investor. Aeroflot showed interest but did not take the airline over.[2] There was an initial attempt to sell off all assets to one buyer (at a value of 61.9 million Roubles in November 2009) but this was then divided into different lots - the airport (starting price of 21 million Roubles), aircraft maintenance base (16 million Roubles), oil base (6 million Roubles) and the aircraft each individually priced.[2]


The fleet was sold off as part of the liquidation process (as of December 2009)[2] and included:

Aircraft In fleet Seats Notes
Antonov An-2 34 12 [3]
Antonov An-24RV 5 [3]
Antonov An-26 1 [3]

The first nine planes to be sold off raised a total of 4.16 million Roubles while the price of the Antonovs sold varied between 400,000 and 660,000 Roubles each.[2]