Adziogol Lighthouse

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Adziogol Lighthouse
Stanislaus-Adzhyholskyy Range Rear
Adziogol hyperboloid Lighthouse by Vladimir Shukhov 1911.jpg
Adziogol Lighthouse, 1911
Adziogol Lighthouse is located in Kherson Oblast
Adziogol Lighthouse
Kherson Oblast
Location Kherson Oblast
Coordinates 46°29′32.54″N 32°13′57.35″E / 46.4923722°N 32.2325972°E / 46.4923722; 32.2325972Coordinates: 46°29′32.54″N 32°13′57.35″E / 46.4923722°N 32.2325972°E / 46.4923722; 32.2325972
Year first constructed 1911
Foundation concrete base
Construction skeletal steel
Tower shape circular hyperboloid tower with central cylinder, double balcony and lantern
Markings / pattern red tower
Height 211 feet (64 m)[1]
Focal height 221 feet (67 m)[2]
Range 19 nautical miles (35 km; 22 mi)
Characteristic F W on request, visible only on range line
Admiralty number E5149.1
NGA number 113-18092
ARLHS number UKR-102,
Ukraine number UA-1001
Managing agent Derzhhydrohrafiya

Adziogol Lighthouse (Ukrainian: Аджигольський маяк; Russian: Аджигольский маяк), also known as Stanislav-Adzhyhol Lighthouse or Stanislav Range Rear Light, is one of two vertical lattice hyperboloid structures of steel bars, serving as active lighthouses in Dnieper Estuary, Ukraine. It is located about 30 kilometres (19 mi) west from Kherson city. At a height of 211 feet (64 m) it is the sixteenth tallest "traditional lighthouse" in the world[3] as well as the tallest in Ukraine.


It is located on a concrete pier on a tiny islet within the combined Dnieper-Bug Estuary which extends eastward into Dnieper Estuary, a part of Dnieper River delta, about 2.5 kilometres (1.6 mi) north of Rybalche village (Hola Prystan Raion) and south of the Cape of Adzhyhol. Its name Adzhyhol derives from a cape with similar name located in the close vicinity. Together with Stanislav Range Front Light (Small Adzhyhol Lighthouse) it serves as a range light, guiding ships entering the Dnieper River or the Southern Buh river within a vast Dnieper-Bug Estuary.


The lighthouse was designed in 1910[4] and built in 1911 by Vladimir Shukhov. The 1-story keeper's house is built within the base.

The site of the tower is accessible only by boat. The site is open to the public but the tower is closed.

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