Aegir Hosting System

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Aegir Hosting System
Developer(s) Aegir Project[1]
Stable release
7.x-3.0[2] / July 19, 2015; 13 months ago (2015-07-19)
Written in PHP, JavaScript
Operating system Linux, BSD, Mac OS
Platform LAMP (Apache) or LEMP (Nginx)[3][4][better source needed]
Available in English
Type Web hosting control panel
License GNU General Public License

Aegir is a free and open source Unix based web hosting control panel program that provides a graphical interface designed to simplify deploying[5] and managing[6] Drupal web sites. Aegir is built on a standard LAMP (Apache) or LEMP (Nginx),[7][8][better source needed] and Drush, a command line shell and Unix scripting interface for Drupal.[9] It extends Drush with various provisioning functions, and provides a Drupal-based front-end control-panel.

In addition to the GUI, Aegir can be accessed via the command line or an API, which enables the automation of many website-related system administration processes. Being based on Drupal and Drush, Aegir is highly extensible, and several contributed modules exist to extend its functionality.


Adrian Rossouw, a long-time contributor to the Drupal project, helped develop the original Hostmaster system for deploying websites. Since then, Hostmaster has evolved into the Aegir system and contributed significantly to the command-line toolkit, Drush.[10]


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