Yai Nee Romba Azhaga Irukke

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Yey! Nee Romba Azhaga Irukke
Directed by Vasanth
Produced by G. Venkateswaran
Screenplay by Vasanth
Story by Ashok Iyer
Starring Shaam
Rajiv Krishna
Jaya Re
Ramya Krishnan
Music by Original Songs:-
Ramesh Vinayagam
Background Score:-
Cinematography Gopinath
Edited by V. T. Vijayan
Distributed by G. V. Films
Release date
13 July 2002
Country India
Language Tamil

Yey! Nee Romba Azhaga Irukke (English: Hey, you are so beautiful !) is a South Indian Tamil romantic musical film written and directed by Vasanth released in 2002. This film had a slow start but became a superhit and managed to win the hearts of the audiences. This movie also captured the people's pulse by its breathtaking soundtrack.


Hari (Shaam) and Raji (Sneha) are cousins. Hari gets a job in Chennai. He then comes to Chennai and instead of staying at Raji's house he rents an apartment with his colleague Vivek. Raji doesn't like this and refuses to come to Hari's house until he visits her place. But they meet and catch up with each other now and then. Meanwhile, Hari meets another girl, Swapna (Jaya Re), who plays pranks on people just for fun. During one such prank Hari and Swapna end up becoming friends. They both work in rival Ad agency.While doing a project Hari selects his cousin Raji's photo (of her eyes) over Swapna's which makes her upset. But to reconcile their friendship Hari sends Swapna's pics to Miss Chennai competition which she eventually wins. After a few days Hari, Raji and Swapna coincidentally meet in shopping place where Hari ends up fighting with a person who misbehaved with Raji. Raji gets angry and walks away. Hari drops of Swapna to her house where she proposes to Hari, to which Hari refuses. But he thanks her for making him realise that he is actually in love with his cousin, Raji. Hari apologises to Swapna. Raji goes to attend her childhood friend's marriage and when she comes back brings along her friend's brother and also her friend, Bharath (Rajiv Krishna).Bharath had proposed to a girl and when she rejected him, he took to drinking. To make him forget his grief Raji brings him to Chennai. Hari first mistakes that Raji is in love with Bharath and when she clears off his misunderstanding, he immediately proposes to her. She rejects him.

Over the days, Raji and Hari behave in a very normal and usual manner which confuses Hari's friends. They confront him to which he replies that just because she doesn't love me, doesn't mean that I should snub her or treat her badly or take to drinking or some such means, that means that my love was never true. Love is not business or deal in which it is to be given only when you get it in return. Hari's friend, Swapna, who had earlier proposed to him joins his office and rebukes him, saying she doesn't talk to people who don't like her. One day she falsely complains to their boss about Hari misbehaving with her, for which Hari gets a firing from his boss. Hari never behaves badly with Sneha or snubs her, in fact he goes out of his way to help. During one such incident when Raji gets injured during a festival, Hari carries her all the way to hospital and takes care of her. One evening Raji calls Hari saying that she and Bharath had gone to the beach and he drank so much that now he is sick and puking all over. She asks Hari to come and help her. Hari comes to the beach, in spite of the fact that he has a very important meeting to attend. Meanwhile, Raji calls again at Hari's office, which is answered by Swapna and Raji blurts out that Hari is coming to help her and will not be able to attend the meeting. Swapna assures Raji that Hari need not go for the meeting, she will attend it herself. On hearing this, Hari gets suspicious, which makes Raji think over and apologises to him for talking to Swapna and revealing that Hari is not going for the meeting. He says her not to worry, he will take care and also he brings Bharath to his flat. The next morning, Hari is sacked, since he did not attend the meeting which cost the company a very important project. Hari goes to his Swapna's house and calmly explains her that she should not waste her life on harassing him and should instead should find peace within.

Bharath, Hari and Raji set off to attend Bharath's lover's marriage. While on the train, Bharath commits suicide. Hari does not attend his funeral. When Raji questions him, Hari replies by saying that Bharath took a wrong step and he doesn't like such people. Raji realises that Hari is a very good guy. In spite of she rejecting him, he has always helped her and is still in love with her. She falls for him. Hari is stabbed by some goons with whom he fought earlier. He is hospitalised.

But at the same time Raji's parents are arranging her marriage. Raji explains to her father about Hari and his nature. Just then she gets a call from the hospital. Raji rushes to the hospital where the doctor (Ramya Krishnan) informs her that Hari will be treated for his stab wounds, but he cannot be treated for his cancer, which is in the last stage. Raji cries over his sick bed, finally accepting his proposal. To this Hari smiles mischievously and the doctor reveals that he does not have cancer, they just played a prank to tease her. Hari and Raji hug each other.



Jyothika was to pair up with Shaam for the film but she was replaced by Sneha at Shaam's request, pair again teamed up in ABCD (2005) and Inba (2008).[1] The makers chose to shoot a particular song in Syria, with the ancient ruins of Palmyra used as the backdrop. It became the first and only Tamil film to shoot at the premises, before it was destroyed by terrorist organisation ISIS during 2015.[2]


Yai Nee Romba Azhaga Irukey
Soundtrack album by Srinivas, Ramesh Vinayakam, Raaghav-Raja, Arvind-Shankar, Murugan
Genre Feature film soundtrack
Language Tamil
Label Hit Music

Vasanth opted to use five new composers to compose a song each in the film. Leading playback singer Srinivas, who had previously composed private albums, made his first film song with "Inni Naanum Naanillai", singing it alongside Sujatha. He also introduced singer Sunitha Sarathy into playback singing, giving her a chance to a part of his composition.[3] Ramesh Vinayakam made his debut ewith this film, he composed and sang "Thottu Thottu".[4] Murugan (brother of singer Anuradha Sriram) who is a drummer and also sang "Nee Illai Endral" in Dheena composed "Poi Sollalam". Raaghav who acted in this film composed "Oru Kaadhal" along with Raja.

No. Song Composer(s) Singers
1 "Yamini Yamini" Arvind-Shankar Harish Raghavendra
2 "Thottu Thottu" Ramesh Vinayakam Ramesh Vinayakam, Srivardhini
3 "Kadhal Vandicho" Raaghav-Raja Shankar Mahadevan
4 "Inni Naanum Naanilai" Srinivas Srinivas, Sujatha, Sunitha Sarathy
5 "Poi Sollalam" Murugan Unnikrishnan, Anuradha Sriram


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