Ælfsige II (bishop of Winchester)

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Ælfsige II
Bishop of Winchester
Appointedbetween 1012 and 1013
Term ended1032
PredecessorÆthelwold II
SuccessorÆlfwine of Winchester
Consecrationbetween 1012 and 1014
Personal details

Ælfsige was a medieval Bishop of Winchester. He was consecrated between 1012 and 1013. He died in 1032.[1] In his will, he named Ealdorman Ælfheah as the guardian of his relatives and his last testament, as well as an estate at Crondall.[2]


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Christian titles
Preceded by
Æthelwold II
Bishop of Winchester
c. 1013–1032
Succeeded by
Ælfwine of Winchester