Aeolus (software)

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Aeolus Project
Developer(s) Red Hat
Initial release May 7, 2011 (2011-05-07)
Stable release
0.10.x / June 27, 2012; 4 years ago (2012-06-27)
Written in Ruby
Operating system Linux
Type Platform virtualization
License Apache License

Aeolus is an open-source cloud virtual machine management software. It can run virtual machines on several clouds, both private (Eucalyptus, RHEV, VMware vSphere, etc.) and public (Amazon EC2, Rackspace, etc.). Aeolus is written in Ruby and works on Linux operating system. Development of Aeolus is sponsored by Red Hat. It leverages Deltacloud to abstract calls to cloud APIs.

Aeolus consists of four tools:

  • Aeolus Conductor - manages users' access to and use of cloud resources and controls control users' instances in clouds.
  • Aeolus Composer - builds cloud-specific images from generic templates.
  • Aeolus Orchestrator - manages clumps of instances in an organized way.
  • Aeolus HA Manager - makes instances or clumps of instances in the cloud highly available.