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The Aeon Award is a contest for short fiction in any speculative genre, including fantasy, science fiction, and horror. The Award is sponsored by Aeon Press has a grand prize of €1000 and publication in Albedo One.

Winner history[edit]

2005-2006 Awards[edit]

The winner was Julian West, who was presented the award by Ian Watson. The top six shortlisted stories for the inaugural Aeon Award were:

  • Queen of Engines by Dev Agarwal
  • Letting Out The Angels by Andrew McKenna
  • I Hold My Father's Paws by David D. Levine
  • Like Snow by Brian Richmond
  • Expiating Ancestral Sins by Tais Teng
  • My Marriage by Julian West

Long-Listed Stories:

  • Sooterkin by Corina Bechko
  • Dirk Snigby's Guide to the Afterlife by Elizabeth Eve
  • Black Hole Baby by Peter Loftus
  • Juju by Lee Moan

David D. Levine's story I Hold My Father's Paws was included in Gardner Dozois's anthology The Year's Best Science Fiction: Twenty-Fourth Annual Collection (2007).

2006-2007 Awards[edit]

The winner was Nina Allan, second place went to Larry Taylor and third was Devon Code-McNeil. The top six shortlisted stories were:

  • Isle of Beauty by Larry Taylor
  • Angelus by Nina Allan
  • Partial Recall by Sean Day
  • The Dreamy Sloth by Jennifer Glyn
  • The White Knight by Devon Code-McNeil
  • A Giant in the House by Daniel Pearlman

Long-Listed Stories:

  • Dress Rehearsal by Michael Furlong
  • Ezekiel, Prophet to Bones by Eric M Witchey
  • The Waters and the West by Jennifer Harwood-Smith
  • Forbidden Fruit by Marie-Catherine Mousseau
  • One In One Out by Jennifer Glyn
  • High Rise by Joanna Owen
  • Holes by Eric S Smith
  • Saviours by Jennifer Harwood-Smith
  • The Torturess by Philip Lentz
  • Rourke by Andrew McKenna
  • To the End of the Earth by Geoff Nuttal
  • Faithless by Jaine Fenn
  • Lux Lucas by Rosie Reynolds
  • Beware of Falling Rocks by Christine Stanton
  • The Patron by Michael Simon
  • Stowaway by David Sakmyster
  • Shadows of Inspiration by Eric S Smith
  • The Sleepers by Alastair Duncan
  • Black Water by David Conyers

2008 Awards[edit]

The winner was Colin Henchley, second place went to D.T. Neal and third was Allison Francisco. The top seven shortlisted stories were:

  • Twinkle Twinkle by Colin Henchley
  • Aegis by D.T. Neal
  • The Better to See You With by Allison Francisco
  • Extracts from a Three Volume Novel by Ian Wild
  • Inventions by Alex Carnevale
  • Sundays Off by Gerard Farrell
  • The Hot Chocolate Rocket by Martin Belderson

Long-Listed Stories:

  • The Trapped Tailcoat by Ian Wild
  • Doors by Julian West
  • Shadow Plains by Kelvin M. Knight
  • Lessons in Love by Kelvin M. Knight
  • Breaking the Mould by Steven J. Hopley
  • Escher by Helgard de Barros
  • The Walnut Tree by Malcolm Bray
  • Stay Special by Susan Lanigan
  • Hot Chocolate by Susan Lanigan
  • Regret Me Not by Jennifer Harwood Smith
  • 55286 by Jennifer Harwood Smith
  • Come the Spring by Ahmed Jamel
  • Swan Wing by Joanne Mills
  • YoYo by Romily McNulty
  • Hood" by Alice Goodwin
  • You, Me and Them by Alexis Boddy
  • A Bump in the Night by Nakia Johnson
  • The Horror of Life by Clive Maxwell-Yates
  • Dreamscape by Matt Bone
  • Windproject NX104 by Anne Lente
  • Convicts by Robert Boumis
  • The Firebird by Roshni Beeharry
  • Lies by Kelly Harmon
  • The Den Ghost by Eleanor Thom
  • Went Wrong by Jeff Nottingham
  • Doorways by Catherine Edmunds
  • The Fatal Book by Loren Rhoads
  • The Flower Builder by Bernadette Owens
  • The Paper Garden by T.E. Peploe
  • Thirstlands by Nick Wood
  • Facing Demons by Nigel Plane
  • iDementia by Helmut Obermeir
  • The Cursed by Lisa Clarkson

2009 Awards[edit]

The winner was "Frogs on My Doorstep" by Annette Reader. Grand Judge Ian Watson described the story as “very intriguing and full of emotional impact.” Reader received the €1000 Grand Prize and publication in Albedo One.

In second place was "Bridges" by Nick Wood. Watson said the story was “politically acute and powerful... and is in many ways a 'textbook story', because it's so well done.” Wood received €200 and publication in Albedo One.

Third place went to "Canis Lupus, Rosa Canina" by Judith Brown. Watson said "the story is nasty, but brilliantly written, with masterly descriptions of landscape and powerful imagery." Third prize was €100 and publication in Albedo One.

Short-Listed Stories:

  • A Falcon Sharp and Passing - Donald Mead
  • Something Other - David Heaton
  • Fenn, Brother of Francis - Susan McElheran
  • He Who Picks the Bones - Frank W. Haubold (translated by Jason Roberts)
  • Trimble Does Time - Gerard Farrell
  • In the Boughs of his Blood Orange Tree a Vampire Sat to Dream of Love - Ian Wild
  • Stars in the Skies - Jennifer Harwood-Smith
  • Don't Go Playing with Naiads - Alice Godwin
  • The Girl in the Blue Bikini - Peter Loftus
  • Once, When the Sun Rose in the West - Susan Lanigan
  • Deconstruction - Alexis Boddy
  • Reflected Glory - Peter Loftus
  • Conversion - Jennifer Harwood-Smith
  • All the Beautiful Lights of Heaven - Russ Colson
  • Star in a Glass - Vaughan Stanger
  • Wailing Wheel - Joe Nazare
  • Angele Dei - Chandler Kaiden
  • Lost Things - Jennifer Harwood-Smith
  • On the Feast of Stephen - Cyril Simsa
  • The Art of the Intractable - Nathan Jones
  • Gordon Street - Katharine Clayden
  • Pirate Copies - Ian D. Martin

2010 Awards[edit]

First place: Michalis Manolios, "Aethra" (translated by Thalia Bisticas)

Second place: Jacob Garbe, "Pinocchio"

Third place: Robin Maginn, "Room of Empty Frames".

Short-Listed Stories:

Listed in no particular order, but those placed in the top six of the contest shortlist are denoted by ***.

Blue by Michele Powles

Passage of Time by Philip Hall

Mandurang *** by Eleanor Marney

Jacket by Jane Burke

The Monster of Venice *** by Carole Johnstone

Room of Empty Frames *** by Robin Maginn

From Such Tiny Acorns Do Mighty Squirrels Grow by Ian Wild

Cinnamon Planet by Donald Mead

I Hate You Perso by Daniel Malach

Aethra *** by Michalis Manolios (translated from Greek by Thalia Bisticas)

The Martian Sky by Louise Hughes

Poacher by Beryl O'Connell

Starchaser by Forest White

Waiting for the Rain by Cyril Simsa

The Machine by Johannes Svensson

A Digital Agony by Alecos Papadopoulos

Mirror Image by Debz Hobbs-Wyatt

The More Things Change by Joe Iriarte

Carnival *** by Pauline Haydon

Pinocchio *** by Jacob Garbe

Sensitive by Brian Wright

Autopsy by Katherine Cornwell

Milford Sound by Peta Freestone

Damn Nation by Stephen Brady

2011 Awards[edit]

Short-Listed Stories:

(1st to 3rd quarter)

  • Dying Moon -
  • Leftovers -
  • Doctor Suess is Dead -
  • Stained -
  • Funeral March -
  • The Graydon Chronicles: Johannes Burman (1858-1888) -
  • A Well-Known Figure from the Area -
  • The Stray -
  • Darke Wing -
  • The Creeper -
  • Young Woman with a Horn
  • Where the Sun Shines Brightly
  • Tokyo Haze
  • Do I Owe You Something?
  • No Foundation
  • Case Notes of a Witch Doctor
  • Smokedogs

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