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Aera magazine cover 2006-08-14-21.jpg
Cover of August 14•21, 2006 issue.
Categories News, Photography (gravure)
Frequency Weekly
First issue May 1988
Company Asahi Shimbun
Country Japan
Language Japanese
Website Digital Edition

Aera is a Japanese weekly magazine, printed in gravure, published by the Asahi Shimbun. The magazine combines photographs and news stories. In May 1988, Aera replaced Asahi Journal, a more substantial weekly.

The cover story is called Person in Focus. Eiichirō Sakata takes cover photos for Aera, but when the person on the cover is a photographer, it is a self-portrait.

The title AERA is derived from the Latin word that means "era" in English, and a backronym said to mean "Asahi Shimbun Extra Research and Analysis."

Aera's advertisement in the Asahi features topical dajare (word play).

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