Aerfer Ariete

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Ambrosini Aerfar Ariete MM569 (6530699699).jpg
Role Prototype fighter
Manufacturer Aerfer
Designer Sergio Stefanutti
First flight 27 March 1958
Primary user Italian Air Force
Number built 2
Developed from Aerfer Sagittario 2

The Aerfer Ariete (Italian for Ram) was a prototype fighter aircraft built in Italy in 1958. It was a refined derivative of the Aerfer Sagittario 2, and was an attempt to bring that aircraft up to a standard where it could be mass-produced as a viable combat aircraft.

Retaining most of the Sagittario 2's layout with a nose intake and ventral exhaust for the main Derwent engine, the Ariete added a Rolls-Royce Soar RS.2 auxiliary turbojet engine to provide additional power for climbing and sprinting. This used a dorsal, retractable intake with its exhaust at the tail.

No production ensued; a proposed version with an auxiliary rocket engine instead of the auxiliary turbojet, the Aerfer Leone, was abandoned before a prototype could be built.



Specifications (Ariete)[edit]

Data from Air Enthusiast.[2]

General characteristics



  • 2 × 30 mm HS-825 cannons (30x136mm)

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