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Pylon of the Glacial Aerial Tramway Kaprun, the tallest in the world

An Aerial lift pylon is a pylon-like construction bearing the cables of an aerial lift such as an aerial tramway or gondola lift. Large pylons of aerial tramways usually consist of a steel framework construction, smaller pylons of gondola lifts are made of tubular steel. Early aerial tramways often had pylons of reinforced concrete and ropeway conveyors had timber pylons, if they were cheaper than steel pylons.

Pylons are not designed as a stopping-off point for passengers or goods, but some are designed to allow maintenance staff access to the cars. Some pylons have built-in ladders or stairs for maintenance access, and some taller examples have an elevator. The best-known and second-tallest pylon is the Torre Jaume I in Barcelona. The tallest pylon is on the Gletscherbahn 1 at Kaprun, Austria, with a height of 113.7 metres. The tallest pylon in Switzerland, with a height of 94 metres, is used by Gant Hohtaelli Aerial Tramway.

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