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Aerion SBJ.jpg
Role Supersonic business jet
National origin United States
Manufacturer Aerion Corporation
Status development
Unit cost
US$80 million (target cost)
Developed into Aerion AS2

The Aerion SBJ was a concept for a supersonic business jet, designed by Aerion Corporation, an American aerospace firm based in Reno, Nevada. If produced, it would allow practical non-stop travel from Europe to North America and back within one business day. The target price is $80 million (in 2007 year dollars), with development costs ranging from $2.5 to $3.0 billion. ExecuJet of Switzerland and Indigo Lyon are the firm's sales agents worldwide, with the exception of North America.[1] The company claims 50 letters-of-intent from customers,[2] each with a $250,000 deposit.[3] Entry into service was expected to take place around 2017/18 following the formation of a joint venture and "hard launch" decision;[4][5] however, as of November 2013, the company has stated that it expects flight testing to begin in 2019 and that the first aircraft will reach the market in 2021.[6]

In 2014, the design was updated as the Aerion AS2, with length and takeoff weight increased to accommodate customer requests.[7][8]


Aerion SBJ Model

The Aerion SBJ’s key enabling technology, supersonic natural laminar flow, has been conclusively demonstrated in transonic wind tunnel tests and in supersonic flight tests conducted in conjunction with NASA. While SBJ discussions continue with selected airframers, data from the Aerion-designed calibration fixture aboard a NASA F-15B in the summer of 2010[9] was used to guide the design of a second test surface flown during the first half of 2013.[10] The new test surface was designed to provide large extents of laminar flow and be shaped so boundary layer instabilities grow relatively slowly and smoothly. These characteristics should facilitate good boundary layer imaging of the roughness and step-height experiments performed in next phase. The experiments were intended to influence future laminar flow airfoil manufacturing standards for surface quality and assembly tolerances.[11][12][13][14]

Specifications (SBJ)[edit]

Silhouette of Aerion SBJ concept

Aerion claims the jet will have a cruise speed of Mach 1.6 and a landing speed of 120 knots.[15]

General characteristics


  • Maximum speed: 1,030 knots (Mach 1.8, 1,186 mph, 1,909 km/h)
  • Cruise speed: 966 knots (Mach 1.7, 1,112 mph, 1,790 km/h)
  • Range:
    • At Mach 0.95: 4,600 nm (5,300 mi, 8,500 km)
    • At Mach 1.40: 4,200 nm (4,800 mi, 7,800 km)
  • Service ceiling: 51,000 ft (15,500 m)

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