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Aero Logo H-H-Linz.png
Aero logo of Harald H Linz
Production 1929-1947
Assembly Czechoslovak Republic

The Aero was a Czechoslovak automobile, manufactured between 1929 and 1947 by a well-known aircraft and car-body company owned by Dr. Kabes in Praha-Vysocany. Now Aero Vodochody produces aircraft only.

Aero 500[edit]

The original model, the Aero Type 500 cyclecar, had a 499 cc single-cylinder two-stroke engine with water cooling. Drive was to the rear axle through a 3-speed gearbox to a back axle without differential. Body styles were a roadster, cabriolet and coupé all with two seats in the front and one in the rear. About 1500 were made.

Aero 662[edit]

Aero 662

The next model in 1932, the Type 20, was a 660 cc vertical twin with, among other improvements, four-wheel brakes. The most common body was a two-door three-seat roadster, but four-door saloons were also made using steel-covered timber-framed coachwork. A 999 cc 26 bhp engine was available from 1932.

Aero 750[edit]

Aero 1000[edit]

Aero 1000 SS[edit]

Aero 30[edit]

Aero 30, было выпущено 3.000-штук
1930-1940 г., Aero 30

In 1934 the Type 30 was announced with a 998 cc 26 bhp twin-cylinder engine, front-wheel drive and all independent suspension. The car could reach 65 mph (105 km/h). About 3000 were made before the

Aero 50[edit]

Аэро - 50, выпускалась с 1936 по 1947 год,

1945-1947 г., Aero 50 Dynamik (Sodomka's bodywork)

The last model, the Type 50, also front-wheel-drive, had a 1997 cc four-cylinder 50 PS (37 kW two-stroke engine with alloy cylinder head and was capable of reaching 78 mph (125 km/h).

After the war the company made the Type 30 until 1947. About 500 were produced with 200 going to France and 100 to Belgium. Design work had been done on a new post war range which would have had hydraulic brakes and four-speed gearboxes, but they did not go into production. Aero disappeared when the Czechoslovak motor industry was nationalised.

Racing cars[edit]

racing car Aero Monoposto (1927)

Many famous drivers won many events in Aero cars including a third in category on the 1934 Monte Carlo Rally.

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