Aero Ejecutivos

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IATA ICAO Callsign
Founded 13 November 2005
Hubs Simón Bolívar International Airport
Fleet size 4
Destinations 3
Parent company Aeroejecutivos, C.A.
Headquarters Maiquetia, Vargas, Venezuela
Website Aero Ejecutivos

Aeroejecutivos is a small airline based in Venezuela providing a scheduled service, tourist and charter flights. The current situation of this airline is a bit unclear. Some of its DC-3's are stored in Miami.


Scheduled services are operated as follows (at September 2006):


For scheduled services, Aeroejecutivos uses a Douglas DC-3. Aeroejecutivos also offers charter services using leased aircraft, including jet aircraft. Aeroejecutivos' fleet is constituted exclusively by 4 DC-3 aircraft, making it one of the few airlines in South America and the only one in Venezuela, to fly classic aircraft in their normal scheduled flights.


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