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The AeroGarden is an indoor garden made by AeroGrow International.[1] The AeroGarden can be used to grow small amounts of vegetables, herbs, salad plants, and flowers.[2] The seeds for these plants come in special seed pods, or consumers can use their own seeds with a custom kit. The plants get artificial sunlight from CFL or LED lights. The Aero Garden comes in several different sizes, accommodating three, six, or seven seed pods at one time. Most AeroGardens have an adjustable light hood that can be used to grow plants that need to grow taller, such as tomatoes. All of the AeroGardens make use of liquid fertilizer that is mixed into the water reservoir. The Garden makes use of hydroponics and uses no soil. Roots soak in nutrient-rich water, which provides plants with nutrients. The Aero Garden comes with plastic domes to put over seed pods to encourage germination, however, these can cause excessive humidity and cause mold if kept on too long.[3] [4][unreliable source?]

The built-in filter of some brands of single-serve coffee container, if the surrounding plastic vessel is cut away, can be positioned in place of an AeroGarden seed pod and will absorb the water/nutrient mix and redistribute it to growth substrate placed within.


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