Aero L-60 Brigadýr

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L-60 Brigadýr
L60 Brigadyr PICT0014.JPG
L60 as air ambulance at the Polish Aviation Museum
Role Utility aircraft
Manufacturer Aero
First flight 24 December 1953
Primary user Czechoslovakian aviation
Produced 273

The Aero L-60 Brigadýr (Czech: Brigadier) was a small, high-wing propeller-driven Czechoslovakian STOL utility aircraft developed for both civil and military use. A prototype, designated XL-60, with Argus As 10C engine, first flew on December 24, 1953, but it was not successful. The plane was thoroughly redesigned and the second improved prototype, with M-208B flat-six engine, flew on June 8, 1954. The aircraft's configuration bears a strong resemblance to the Fieseler Fi 156 "Storch" licence-produced in Czechoslovakia during and after World War II (as K-65 Čáp), and which this aircraft was intended to replace. By the end of production in 1960, 273 had been built, including an improved version, the L-160 with an all-metal tail.

Aircraft retrofitted with a PZL-built Ivchenko AI-14R radial engine are known as the L-60S.


  • XL-60 : Prototype.
  • L-60 : Single-engined light utility transport, observation aircraft.
  • L-60A : 50 production aircraft for the Czech Air Force. Also known as the K-60. Armed with MG-15 7.92 mm machine gun in a rear cab. First flew on June 24, 1955.
  • L-60B : Agricultural crop spraying aircraft (300 l chemicals tank).
  • L-60D : Glider tug aircraft.
  • L-60E :Air ambulance aircraft.
  • L-60F : Glider tug aircraft.
  • L-60S : Aircraft fitted with the PZL-built 260-hp Ivchenko AI-14R radial piston engine.
  • L-60SF : Fitted with the M-462RF radial piston engine.
  • L-160 : Improved version with all-metal tail.


Civil operators[1][edit]

 East Germany
  • MÉM Flight Service used 2 L-60 (registered: HA-BRA, HA-BRB) from 1959 for short period.[citation needed]
 New Zealand
 People's Republic of China
 Soviet Union
 United Arab Emirates

Military operators[edit]

 East Germany

Specifications (L-60)[edit]

Aero L-60S aerotows historical gliders

Data from Jane's All The World's Aircraft 1961–62[2]

General characteristics


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