Aerobic Gymnastics World Championships

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The Aerobic Gymnastics World Championships are the World Championships for aerobic gymnastics.[1] They have been held since 1995.


Year Games Host City Country Events First of the Medal Table Second in the Medal Table Third in the Medal Table
1995 I Paris  France 4  Brazil  Spain  Australia
1996 II The Hague  Netherlands 4  Brazil  South Korea  Spain
1997 III Perth  Australia 4  Bulgaria  Romania  Australia
 South Korea
1998 IV Catania  Italy 4  Russia  Hungary
1999 V Hanover  Germany 4  South Korea  Brazil
2000 VI Riesa  Germany 4  Romania  Russia  Spain
2002 VII Klaipėda  Lithuania 5  Spain  Romania
2004 VIII Sofia  Bulgaria 5  Romania  Brazil
 New Zealand
2006 IX Nanjing  China 5  China  Romania  Brazil
2008 X Ulm  Germany 5  Romania  France  China
2010 XI Rodez  France 6  Romania  France  China
2012 XII Sofia  Bulgaria 8  China  Spain  Romania
2014 XIII Cancun  Mexico 8  Romania  France  China
2016 XIV Incheon  South Korea 8  China  South Korea  Romania
2018 XV Guimaraes  Portugal 8  Russia  Japan  China

All-time medal count[edit]

  • Last updated after the 2018 Aerobic Gymnastics World Championships .
1 Romania (ROU)17192056
2 China (CHN)12121034
3 Spain (ESP)112215
4 Russia (RUS)961227
5 Brazil (BRA)93315
6 South Korea (KOR)76619
7 Japan (JPN)6208
8 France (FRA)5151030
9 Italy (ITA)2518
10 Bulgaria (BUL)2417
11 Hungary (HUN)1449
12 Australia (AUS)1225
13 Mexico (MEX)1023
 New Zealand (NZL)1023
15 Austria (AUT)1012
16 Sweden (SWE)0022
17 Chile (CHI)0011
 Iceland (ISL)0011
 Mongolia (MGL)0011
 Ukraine (UKR)0011
Totals (20 nations)858082247


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