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Calexico-Aerocalexico (album cover).jpg
Studio album by Calexico
Released 2001
Recorded at the homes of Burns & Convertino and at Wavelab Studios by Craig Schumacher and Nick Luca
Genre Indie rock, Americana, Tex-Mex,, folk rock, post-rock
Length 56:26
Label Our Soil, Our Strength
Producer Joey Burns, John Convertino
Calexico chronology

Aerocalexico is a 2001 Calexico album that was only available on their 2001 tour or on their website.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "All the Pretty Horses"
  2. "Blacktop"
  3. "'64 Ford Fairlane"
  4. "Transistorites"
  5. "Clothes of Sand" (by Nick Drake)
  6. "Train of Thought"
  7. "Redwood"
  8. "Gift X-Change"
  9. "TV Room"
  10. "Inch by Inch"
  11. "Reverse Ranch"
  12. "Crooked Road and the Briar"
  13. "Impromptu for Piano and Contrabass"
  14. "6 White Horses"
  15. "Sequoia"
  16. "Crawlspace"
  17. "Humano (instrumental)"
  18. "At the Table He Sat Alone with a Glass and Bottle of Wine"
  19. "AZ Room"
  20. "Bees and the Flies"
  21. "Crystal Frontier (original version)"
  22. "Hush A-Bye"
  23. "Singing Wind Ranch"