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IATA ICAO Callsign
Founded 2005
Fleet size 9
Destinations 0
Headquarters El Trompillo Airport
Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia

Aero Comercial Oriente Norte Ltda.,[1] doing business as Aerocon, was a Bolivian airline. Its national office was in Hangar 93 in El Trompillo Airport in Santa Cruz de la Sierra.[2]

It started its operations in 2005. In 2006, the airline transferred its operational base to Trinidad. It was also called the Airline of Beni Department. It operated from Trinidad to Cobija, Cochabamba, Guayaramerín, La Paz, Riberalta, Santa Cruz, Yacuiba, Sucre, and Tarija but in 2015 it stopped operating[3] due to finance problems and resulting severe security issues.


In January 2013, Aerocon offered scheduled flights to the following destinations:[4]

Bolivia Bolivia


Aerocon Fleet
Aircraft Total Orders Passengers Notes
Fairchild Metro 23 4 0
Fairchild Metro III 5 0
Total 9 0

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