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Logo Aeroexpress.jpg
ED4MKM-AERO-0001 EMU for Aeroexpress company. Exhibition at Rizhsky Stn.
Dates of operation2005–current
Track gauge1,520 mm (4 ft 11 2732 in)

Aeroexpress Ltd. (Russian: ОАО "Аэроэкспресс") is the operator of airport rail link services in Russia. It is founded in 2005 and is owned by Russian Railways (50%), TransGroup AS (25%), Iskander Makhmudov (17.5%), and Andrei Bokarev (7.5%).[1] Until recently, the company only provided the rail transportation services between Moscow rail terminals and Moscow airports (Sheremetyevo, Domodedovo, and Vnukovo). The company previously also provided the rail link services to Kazan's Kazan International Airport, Sochi's Adler Airport, and Vladivostok's Knevichi Airport.

In 2012, Aeroexpress transported 17.4 million passengers.[2]


Upgraded Aeroexpress terminal at Paveletsky Rail Terminal

The first rail link connected Moscow and Sheremetyevo Airport in 2002. In May 2008 Aeroexpress began to provide the rail link between Moscow and Vnukovo Airport (the line opened in August 2005). In July 2008 the company became the sole operator of rail links from Savyolovsky Rail Terminal (Butyrskaya Vokzal) and Belorussky Rail Terminal to Sheremetyevo airport and Lobnya, from Paveletsky Rail Terminal to Domodedovo airport, and from Kiyevsky Rail Terminal to Vnukovo airport.[3]

In February 2012 the service on the first non-Moscow link, connecting Sochi with its airport, began operations, followed in late July by a similar link in Vladivostok and, in 2013, Kazan. On its Vladivostok route the company also offered a limited commuter service at discounted prices. Services on routes outside Moscow were handed to other companies in early 2015 due to heavy losses and the "current macroeconomic situation".[4]

Rolling stock[edit]


Model Number of trains Cars per train Line Start of service
ED4MKM-AERO 7 8 or 10 Moscow-BelorusskayaSheremetyevo since 2009
ED4M 4 10 or 11 Moscow-PaveletskayaDomodedovo since 2007
ESh2 «Eurasia» 11 4 or 6 Moscow-PaveletskayaDomodedovo[5],
since 2017


Model Number of trains Cars per train Line Time of service
EM2 ? 6, 8 or 10 Moscow-PaveletskayaDomodedovo 2002 - 2010
EM2I ? 2004 — 2010
ED9M 4 6 VladivostokKnevichi Airport
Yekaterinburg-PassazirskayaKoltsovo Airport
2010 — 2015
ES1 «Lastochka» ? 5 Kazan-PassazirskayaKazan Airport
Sochi railway stationSochi-Adler Airport
2013 — 2015

Routes list[edit]

Aeroexpress routes in Moscow region (interactive map)

Aeroexpress routes[edit]

Moscow Aeroexpress
Aeroport Vnukovo railway station [ru] BSicon FLUG.svg
Aeroport [ru]
Moscow Kiyevskaya  3   4   5 
Moscow Belorusskaya  2   5 
Moscow Savelovskaya  9   11 
Sheremetyevo railway station [ru] BSicon FLUG.svg
Lobnya railway station [ru]
Moscow Kalanchyovskaya [ru]  1   5 
Moscow Kurskaya  3   10   5 
Moscow Paveletskaya  2   5 
Aeroport Domodedovo railway station [ru] BSicon FLUG.svg

Future Routes[edit]

Former routes[edit]

"REX" routes(handled to "CPPK")[edit]

  • Moscow, Savelovskiy Rail Terminal - Lobnya
  • Moscow, Belorussky Rail Terminal - Mozhaysk
  • Moscow, Kazansky Rail Terminal - Golutvin
  • Moscow, Yaroslavsky Rail Terminal - Pushkino
  • Moscow, Yaroslavsky Rail Terminal - Fryazino
  • Moscow, Yaroslavsky Rail Terminal - Monino
  • Moscow, Paveletsky Rail Terminal - Ozherelye

International cooperation[edit]

Aeroexpress is a member of the International Air-Rail Organisation (IARO). Aeroexpress has taken into consideration the experience, quality standards and spectrum of services provided by its colleagues in Germany, UK, Sweden and US.[9]

Recent news[edit]

In January 2015, Moscow Department of Transport expressed initiative to transfer the Aeroexpress terminal from Belorussky to Savelovsky Railway Station. However, citizens voted against this proposal.[10] In May 2013, Aeroexpress announced it intends to decrease the headway between consecutive trains in Moscow to 15 minutes over the next few years. Currently, the headway between consecutive trains is 30 minutes.[11] In February 2013 Aeroexpress ordered 25 double decker electro-motor units.[12] The first train was delivered from Switzerland in August 2014.[13]


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