Aeropesca Colombia Flight 217

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Aeropesca Colombia Flight 217
Vickers 745D Viscount, Intercontinental Colombia AN1979467.jpg
Sister-ship to the accident aircraft in a later Intercontinental Colombia livery
Date 26 March 1982
Summary Controlled flight into terrain
Site Quetame, Colombia
Aircraft type Vickers Viscount 745D
Operator Aeropesca Colombia
Registration HK-2382
Flight origin La Vanguardia Airport, Villavicencio, Colombia
Destination El Dorado International Airport, Bogotá, Colombia
Passengers 15
Crew 6
Fatalities 21
Survivors 0

Aeropesca Colombia Flight 217 was an internal scheduled passenger flight in Colombia from La Vanguardia Airport, Villavicencio to El Dorado International Airport, Bogotá.[1] On 26 March 1982 the flight was operated by a four-engined Vickers Viscount turboprop registered HK-2382 which collided with a mountain at 7,700 feet 130 km south east from Bogotá near Quetame in bad weather.[1] The storm hampered rescue attempts but all 21 on-board were killed.[1]


The aircraft was a Vickers Viscount 745D four-engined turboprop that had been built in the United Kingdom in 1956 for Capital Airlines of the United States.[2] First flown on 15 December 1956 it was bought by Aeropesca Colombia in March 1976.[2]


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