Aeropolis 2001

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Aeropolis 2001
Aeropolis 2001 C.jpg
Drawing of Aeropolis 2001
General information
Status Vision
Architectural style Futurism
Height 2,001 metres (6,565 ft)
Technical details
Floor count 500
Design and construction
Architecture firm Obayashi Corp.

The Aeropolis 2001 was a proposed 500-story high-rise building over Tokyo Bay in Japan, envisioned by Obayashi Corporation. With a height of 2,001 metres (6,565 ft), the mammoth structure would have been approximately five times as high as the former World Trade Center in New York City.

The Aeropolis 2001 was proposed in 1989, amid a spate of similar projects for incredibly large buildings. All were proposed during the Japanese asset price bubble, which ended in the early 1990s. According to a 1995 article, the corporation still had plans for the structure, and gave a proposed height of 2,079 metres (6,821 ft).[1]

At the time it proposed Aeropolis 2001, Obayashi Corp. also proposed building a city on the moon by 2050.[2][3] Newspapers have reported little on either proposal since 1995.

Proposed details[edit]

Newspapers reported that plans called for the building to have 500 floors accommodating over 300,000 working inhabitants and 140,000 live-in residents. The structure was expected to be mixed-use, including restaurants, offices, apartments, cinemas, schools, hospitals, and post offices. It would have offered eleven square kilometers of floor space.[2]

A shuttle lift, with 300 seats, would have gone from the ground floor to the top floor in 15 minutes, and stopped at every 40th floor. The proposal called for the tower to be fully sustainable and air conditioned.[2]

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