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FoundedMountain View California 2009
FounderBrian Bulkowski, Srini Srinivasan
Area served
ProductsAerospike (database)
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Aerospike is the company behind the Aerospike open source NoSQL distributed database which has a horizontally scalable high-speed lightweight data layer.[1][2] Citrusleaf, a Mountain View, California based company which rebranded to Aerospike in August 2012, launched the database in 2011.[3][4][5] The company purpose-built the database for developers to deploy real-time big data applications.[5][6]

According to a study by Wikibon in 2012, Aerospike is the leading data-in-flash database for transactional analytic applications, and it can answer over 200,000 transactions per second per node.[6][7] Additionally, with automatic fail-over, replication, and cross data center synchronization, the Aerospike database can store terabytes of data.[7][8][9][10]

The database is primarily used in advertising as a server-side cookie store, where read and write performance is paramount.[6][7] It forms the core user data storage for adMarketplace and several other advertising companies including BlueKai, Tapad, The Trade Desk, Sony's So-net, and eXelate. The database is also used in gaming, security, and e-commerce industries.[7][11]


Aerospike, formerly known as Citrusleaf, was founded in 2009 by database and networking industry veterans CTO Brian Bulkowski and Vice President of Engineering & Operations Srini V. Srinivasan.[1][3][4] The company rebranded to Aerospike in 2012.[3]

In August 2012, Aerospike acquired the database AlchemyDB.[12] AlchemyDB, led by Russell Sullivan, is a hybrid RDBMS/NoSQL-datastore that has been optimized for memory efficiency.[3][12] Aerospike made the acquisition with funding from New Enterprise Associates|NEA, Draper Associates, Columbus Nova Technology Partners, and Alsop Louie Partners.[11][13]

In December 2012, online ad broker Tapad bought an Aerospike flash-based NoSQL database running on SSDs with indices held in RAM.[2][5] The Aerospike database allowed Tapad the cost benefit of dealing with memory as a "single level store" by utilizing flash as a memory extension.[2]

In June 2014. Aerospike raised $20 million in a Series C round of funding. The company also announced that it had open sourced its technology.[14][15][16] The company also partnered with Adform, InMobi, and Vizury in 2014.[17][18] New CEO John Dillon was announced in February 2015.[19]

Aerospike database[edit]

The Aerospike database is a fast key-value datastore, or distributed hash table, that delivers predictable, sub-millisecond query response times.[11][12] It also has the ability to scale to very large sizes while maintaining high speeds.[11][12] Its code is engineered to match the characteristics of flash memory, as opposed to more traditional methods.[20]

Aerospike database technology is centered around row-based random access with indexes in memory and data in memory or on SSD (solid-state drive) storage.[7][11] The database holds data that is accessible in real time.[7]

Data in Flash[edit]

The Aerospike KVS database is a Flash memory solution that uses a combination of RAM and NAND flash as persistent storage.[2][7] It operates by making database updates to RAM with duplicated copies made to subsequent nodes.[7][12]

The database operates on flash SSDss with a transparent, elastic, self-managing scale-out layer.[2][7]

Data layers[edit]

Aerospike's database is a combination of three layers: the Client Layer, the Distribution Layer, and the Data Storage Layer.[1][6] The Aerospace Client Layer is designed for speed, and includes open source client libraries that utilize Aerospike APIs, track nodes, and keep track of data.[6][7] The Distribution Layer is a self-managing attribute that automates fail-over, replication, and data migration.[6][7] The Data Storage Layer is flash-optimized and stores data in both RAM and Flash.[1][2] Data is stored in policy containers referred to as "namespaces”.[1][2]


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