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Founded1973 (Jakarta)
Area served
Asia Pacific
Key people
Alexander Maria Tae Maneklaran (CEO)
Doddy Virgianto
(Director of Finance and Business Development)
ProductsInternational flight catering services, hotel & resort, travel & leisure, land transportation and cargo
Rp1,089 billion
ParentGaruda Indonesia Group
  • Garuda Orient Holidays - Australia Pty, Ltd
  • Garuda Orient Holidays - Australia Pty, Ltd
  • PT Belitung Inti Permai
  • PT Mirtasari Hotel Development
  • PT Senggigi Pratama Internasional
  • PT Angkasa Citra Sarana Catering Service
  • PT Mandira Erajasa Wahana
  • PT Biro Perjalanan Wisata Satriavi
  • PT Aerojasa Perkasa
  • PT Bina Inti Dinamika
  • Garuda Orient Holidays - Korea Co, Ltd
  • Garuda Orient Holidays - Jepang Co, Ltd

Aerowisata is an Indonesian hospitality company based in Jakarta. It has four main businesses, consisting of Aerowisata Food Services, Aerowisata Hotels & Resorts Services, Aerowisata Travel & Leisure Services, and Aerowisata Transportation Services. It is a subsidiary of Garuda Indonesia Group.


On February 7, 1974, Garuda Indonesia handed the management of PT Satriavi Tours and travel to Aerowisata. The next company that later changed its name to PT Biro Perjalanan Satriavi became first subsidiary Aerowisata.

On July 29, 1974, Aerowisata began operating the Hotel Sanur Beach in Bali as the first hotel of Aerowisata.[1]

December 23, 1974, Aerowisata start catering business in Garuda Indonesia flight to serve under the flag of PT Garuda Dairy Farm Aero Catering Service. Since 1991, the company located at the terminal end of the Soekarno-Hatta International Airport was renamed Aerowisata Catering Service (ACS).

After forming Garuda Orient Holidays (GOH) in Australia in 1981 and PT Aero Service Perkasa in 1987, founded the PT Mandira Erajasa Aerowisata spacecraft in July 1988. Marked the establishment of business expansion into the realm of transportation Aerowisata.

Until the end of December 2009, Aerowisata has eleven subsidiaries and eight affiliated companies.

Hotels & Resorts[edit]

Aerowisata have 17 hotel & resort, in 10 provinces in Indonesia. After renovations the hotels and resorts will be named as:[2]

  • Five stars: Prama from Sanskrit language means Excellence
  • Four stars: Kila from Javanese language means Sparkle
  • Three stars: Asana, an acronym of the Indonesian words Akrab, Santun and Mempesona means Friendly, Polite and Charming


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