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In Greek mythology, Aesepus (Αἴσηπος) may refer to:

  1. Aesepus, a son of Oceanus and Tethys,[1] the divine personification of the river and nearby town of Aesepus[2][3] (today known as Gönen in Turkey), grandfather of the other Aesepus through his daughter Abarbarea. His other daughter Phrygia was the eponym of the country Phrygia.[4]
  2. Aesepus, the son of the naiad Abarbarea (daughter of the above Aesepus) and Bucolion. His twin brother was Pedasus; the pair appears briefly in the Iliad, Book VI.[5] Both men fought in the Trojan War and were killed by Euryalus, the son of Mecisteus.


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