Aesop World

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Aesop World
(Isoppu Wārudo)
GenreAnime, Adventure, Fantasy
Anime television series
Directed byMasami Hata
Mitsuo Kobayashi
Produced byHironori Nakagawa
Kinuyo Nozaki
Written byEiji Yamanaka
StudioSunrise Animation LTD
Original networkTV Tokyo
Original run April 5, 1999 December 31, 1999
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Aesop World (イソップワールド, Isoppu Wārudo) is an anime series by Sunrise Animation that aired on TV Tokyo.[1]

The series' characters include Pico, Tocho, and Fufu, three animals who aim to recover the mystical scales of a fish, Aesop - that way Aesop will be able to fly again.


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