Æthelstan of East Anglia

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a coin from the reign of Æthelstan.

Æthelstan was king of East Anglia in the 9th century.

As with the other kings of East Anglia, there is very little textual information available. Æthelstan did, however, leave an extensive coinage of both portrait and non-portrait type.

It is suggested[by whom?] that Æthelstan was probably the king who defeated and killed the Mercian kings Beornwulf (killed 826) and Ludeca (killed 827). He may have attempted to seize power in East Anglia on the death of Coenwulf of Mercia (died 821). If this is the case, he was apparently defeated by Coenwulf's successor Ceolwulf.

The end of Æthelstan's reign is placed in the middle or late 840s. He was succeeded by Æthelweard.


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Preceded by
Ludeca of Mercia
King of East Anglia
after 827–840s
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