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AetherPal logo.jpg
Developer(s) AetherPal Inc.
Operating system Windows
Type Remote Administration Software
License Proprietary

AetherPal is a leading provider of connected device care products with multiple Top Enterprise and Tier 1 mobile operator deployments globally. Our Smart Care product portfolio personalizes the customer experience while significantly lowering support costs and device returns. Our “mobile first” design philosophy allows us to provide application and device support for a variety of connected devices such as smartphones, tablets, connected cars and wearables.

AetherPal’s Smart Care® product portfolio provides Enterprises with a mobile support platform that includes Self Service, Secure Messaging and Remote Support products. With AetherPal’s Remote Support for Android for Work and iOS Remote View, Enterprises will enjoy increased security, visibility and control of Enterprise applications on end user devices. With Mobile Support Management (MSM) becoming a mission critical business function for Enterprises, companies will increasingly adopt a new mobile support framework to drive end user application and service delivery.

AetherPal’s Smart Care® product portfolio provides mobile operators with a multi-channel solution to immediately enhance the overall quality of customer service while reducing customer support costs. Mobile operators are well positioned to personalize the customer experience through Remote Support and Device Diagnostics products while providing subscribers with Self Care capabilities to enable rapid troubleshooting and problem resolution.


AetherPal’s smart remote control is built on multi tiered client server architecture consisting of following major components; smart phone client requiring support, browser based console for remote control management and high performance scalable server.

AetherPal uses SSL and TLS encryption to create a secure connection between the client device and the support staff. Once the connection is made, the device screen is replicated on the support staff's monitor and full real-time device emulation occurs. Streaming techniques are optimized to send only delta updates from the client, hence allowing efficient use of bandwidth. On top of this, the support staff are able to fine-tune the image size, color scale of the replicated image if needed. The session may be recorded enabling the end user client to take away a video issue resolution guide, unique to that device.

AetherPal enables remote control of multi-platforms[1] and multiple instances from a single web GUI. A support representative may be connected to a smart phone such as Apple iPhone, Google Android, Nokia Symbian, RIM BlackBerry or Windows Mobile while also connected to a PC or Mac.

Company Background[edit]

AetherPal Inc. is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner.[2]

Aetherpal is back by leading venture capital firms, Point Judith Capital and New Venture Partners.

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