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Afag Masud (Azerbaijani: Afaq Məsud) (b. 3 June 1957, Baku) is an Azerbaijani writer.


Born Afag Masud qizi Valiyeva in Baku, Azerbaijan, she became interested in professional writing in her teenage years. She wrote and published her first novel Gargish ("Curse") in 1978, at the age of 21. In the following years, she published 8 more novels as well as numerous short stories, essays and plays. In her works, Masud uses psychologism to emphasize the experiences of her protagonists. She abandons the idea of setting novels in a specific locale pointing out the universal nature of the described issues. Even though almost all of the protagonists in her works are female and the problems dealt with are for the most part gender-specific, Masud disagrees with those who consider her a feminist writer.[1]

She is also famous for translating works by authors such as Franz Kafka, Guy de Maupassant and Gabriel Garcia Marquez into Azeri.[1] She currently works as the editor-in-chief of the Azerbaijani literary magazine Khazar.

List of works[edit]


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