Afat (singer)

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Background information
Birth namemoluk anghoz
Also known asEastern Nightingale
GenresIranian Street Music
Years active1960 - 1970

Moluk Anghoz (1934–2007), known as Afat, was an Iranian singer in the Iranian Street Music genre.[1] She is one of the pioneers of this style.[2]

Afat, along with Mahvash and Shahpar, were the most popular singers in Tehran during the 1960s. She was nicknamed the Eastern Nightingale in theaters and nightclubs. Afat began her professional career at Iranian Street Music Cradle, Laleh Zar Café.[3] She is one of the pioneers of the full-blown role of women in society.[1] She had a great influence on the singing style of the next generation of Iranian female singers.[4][5][6]


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