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Afek (Hebrew: אֲפֵק‎‎) is a Hebrew word that can refer to a number of places in the biblical Land of Israel.

  • Aphek (biblical) refers to a number of sites with the same name mentioned in the Bible.
  • Aphik (Asher) one of the biblical sites belonging to the Tribe of Asher.
    • Aphaca, a city in classical Syria believed by some to be the Asherite city
      • Afka, a modern town at the site in Lebanon.
    • Tel Afek, a site located near Haifa believed by some to be the Asherite city.
      • Afek, a modern village located at the Tel near Haifa.
  • Another site known as Tel Afek or Antipatris, near Petah Tikva and Rosh HaAyin.
  • Migdal Afek, also near Rosh HaAyin Majdal Yaba
  • Aphek Turris also refers to Majdal Yaba
  • A site in the Golan Heights.
    • Fiq, Syria, a former Syrian village at the Tel.
    • Afik, a current Israeli settlement and kibbutz at the Tel.
    • Fiq Airfield, a small civilian airfield near the settlement/kibbutz.
  • Afek Oil & Gas, a subsidiary of Genie Energy Ltd. and controls Genie Energy Ltd.'s oil and gas exploratory project in Northern Israel, including the Golan Heights region
  • Afikim, a kibbutz in the Galilee nearby, but unrelated to the Golan Heights site.

Also Afek (mythology), a cultural heroine in some Papuan groups' mythology (e.g. the Urapmin people)

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