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Affari Tuoi (Your Business) is an Italian game show based upon the internationally popular game show Deal or No Deal. It is broadcast on public broadcaster Rai Uno, though it can also be seen occasionally on RAI International, RAI's international television service.

The show is currently hosted by Flavio Insinna (September 2006 – June 2008, from September 2013 onwards); previous hosts in chronological order include Paolo Bonolis (October 2003 – May 2005), Pupo (September 2005 – March 2006), Antonella Clerici (March – June 2006), and Max Giusti (September 2008 – June 2013).

On April 1, 2015, Carlo Conti, the host of Rai Uno's another game show L'eredità, hosted this show while Flavio Insinna hosted L'eredità.


In the Italian version, there are 20 boxes; each person holding a box is a representative of one of the 20 regions of Italy.

The highest prize is 500,000, but on some occasions, there's a special €1,000,000 or €2,000,000 prize. In addition to small money prizes, like €0.50, there are three gag prizes—usually items like salami, a year's supply of soap, or stuffed animals like hippos and weasels (from season 2006 – 2007 a hippo prize took place instead of the €500 one).

The box named Pacco X, and also a Pacco Y between September 2008 and June 2013 (both meaning mystery package), may contain values between €0.02 and €200,000 (see below).

The box named Pacco Matto (crazy box, February 2011 – June 2013) or La Matta (the madwoman, from September 2013 onwards) may contain one of the possibilities which may affect the progress of the game, positively or negatively, including doubling the top prize to €1,000,000, or forcing the player to leave the game (see below).

The manager is known as "Il Dottore" (the doctor) and knows the content of the boxes. Therefore, sometimes his offers can give hints as to whether the contestant's box contains a high amount of money.

In order to give himself further chances, the manager sometimes decides to play "Di pacco in pacco" ("step by step") when high prizes are still active.

In Affari Tuoi, to refuse an offer, instead of saying, "No Deal!", you say, "Rifiuto l'offerta e vado avanti," meaning "I refuse the offer, and go on". To accept, you say, "Accetto l'offerta." There is no button to push. (Actually, most international versions of Deal don't use a button and cover)

Comparison with other versions[edit]

Top prize winners[edit]

The million euro winning first occurred on April 7, 2006, when Maria Giulia Tullo from Fossalto won €1,000,000. Just 10 days later, Vincenzo de Paola from Campobasso won €500,000. They also received the Tapiro d'Oro (Golden Tapir) from the Canale 5 show Striscia la notizia, due to suspect fraud.[1][2]

On March 17, 2012, another million euro winning occurred to Gabriele Calvello,[3] thanks to picking Raddoppia which doubles the top prize after opening Pacco Matto. Calvello, whose father died of cancer, decided to donate part of his winnings for cancer research.[4][5][6]

Besides, eleven players won €500,000 in their boxes:

  • Roberto Pepi (February 4, 2004)[7]
  • Francesca Madeddu (December 16, 2004)[8]
  • Clarissa Meneghini (December 19, 2007)[9]
  • Danilo Anderlini (September 17, 2008)[9][10]
  • Francesca Cataldo (October 22, 2008)[11]
  • Roberto Caterina (November 23, 2008)[12]
  • Mara Ancelotti (January 1, 2009)[13]
  • Stefania Menegazzo (February 23, 2010)[14]
  • Mauro Ghiraldini (November 21, 2012)[15]
  • Patrizia Montalbano (January 25, 2013)[16]
  • Pierangela Zaccaria (May 29, 2014)[17]

On March 16, 2013, Cristiana Fraccon from Carugate accepted the offer of €500,000, which is the biggest offer in the show's history, with €50 and the doubled top prize of €1,000,000 remaining. She had the latter in her box.[18]


In the Fall of 2006, Codacons, an Italian consumers organisation, pointed out how high prize boxes ("pacchi") seemed to survive up to the end of the game in much more cases than would be statistically expected.

Box Values (as of September 2014 to September 2015)[edit]

NOTE: Some small values will be replaced with joke prizes.


Possible values of Pacco X[edit]

Pacco X (and also Pacco Y from September 2008 to June 2013) are unknown content boxes (the mystery packages). At a certain point of the game, the contestant is asked to take one of the ten envelopes (two of twenty until June 2013) contained into a poll and containing a prize from €0.02 to €200,000.


La Matta or Pacco Matto[edit]

If the player has not sold his/her box yet and there are more than two unopened boxes, once La Matta (the madwoman) (known as Pacco Matto (crazy box) until June 2013) is opened, the player is asked to take one of twenty scrolls placed in front of each box holders containing two of each the following (eight scrolls containing one of each options until June 2013):

  • Raddoppia (Double): The biggest unrevealed amount is doubled (except for Pacco X and Pacco Y).
  • Dimezza (Half): The biggest unrevealed amount is halved (except for Pacco X and Pacco Y).
  • Cambio obbligato (Forced swap): The player is forced to swap his/her box with one of other unopened boxes.
  • Apri un blu (Open a blue): The doctor tells the player the number of a box containing a "blue" amount (from €0.01 to €250, except for Pacco X and Pacco Y). It is only effective if there are at least two "blue" amounts remaining.
  • Provaci (Try it): The player undergoes a skill test (such as quizzes, riddles, etc.) as requested by the doctor. The player wins an extra €1,000 if the test is passed.
  • Ci penso io (I'll take care of it): The player will temporarily leave the place, and was replaced in the choice of the next 3 boxes with the box holder who opened the scroll. If there are any offers within those 3 box picks, the box holder has to decide whether the player should take it.
  • Mangia come parli (Eat what you say): The player tests with a recipe or with the dishes offered in dialect. The player wins an extra €1,000 if the test is passed.
  • Chiedo l’aumento (I ask for the raise): The box will increase by 10% of its final payout. (That increase does not include prizes or prize with the "Game of the 3 boxes")
  • Pari o dispari? (Even or odd?): The player has to open either all even- or odd-numbered boxes in play.
  • Vedo e prevedo (I see and predict): The player is asked to predict the content of the next box. The player wins an extra €1,000 for correct guess.

The following were once appeared but were later replaced:

  • Vinci 1.000 euro (Win 1,000 euros): The player additionally wins €1,000.
  • Vinci subito 5.000€ (Win 5,000 euros now): The player additionally wins €5,000.
  • Non scegli tu (You don't choose): The player chooses one from 19 other box holders, and the chosen one chooses the next box to open. It is not effective if there are only two unopened boxes after Pacco Matto is opened.
  • Come non detto (As never said): Nothing happens and the game goes on.
  • Proposta indecente (Naughty proposal): The doctor makes a "strategic" proposal, for example offers to reveal the content of a box, but halving all prizes.
  • Scarta (Discard): The player chooses one from other unopened boxes, and it is kept unopened until the doctor (i.e. the banker) decides to open it. It is only effective if there are at least four unopened boxes after Pacco Matto is opened.
  • Oggettino (Small object): The player wins an additional €50 and a small object prize.
  • Oggettone (Large object): The player wins an additional €50 and a large object prize.
  • Svela la X (Reveal the X): The value of Pacco X is revealed.
  • Conta (Count): The player chooses the next box to open through a counting-out game, which starts from the first unopened box except for the one held by the player.
  • Vai o resti (Go or stay): The player is asked to choose between going on or quitting the game immediately until the next time he/she is chosen as the player again. This could be useful when the player is in a bad situation such as there are only small amounts remaining.
  • Arrivederci (Goodbye): The player leaves the game instantly and is replaced by one of the box holders. The new player is chosen by revealing the name of a region hidden in La busta nera (the black envelope).
  • Pericolo Pubblico (Audience risk): The player chooses one of the audience members and the chosen one chooses the next box to open.

La Matta or Pacco Matto has a value of €500 if it is held by the player.

Pacco Natale or Pacco Befana[edit]

During Christmas specials, one of the amounts (€50,000 in 2012, €10,000 in 2013 and 2014) is replaced with Pacco Natale (Christmas box) until Christmas Day or Pacco Befana (Befana box) after Christmas until Epiphany (January 6). Once the box is opened, the player chooses one of 10 gift boxes and wins the gift in the chosen box.

Additional games[edit]

  • Gioco dell'indovino (Game of the soothsayer, February – June 2012)
Before opening one of the first six boxes, the player is asked to guess the content of the box. The player wins an extra €5,000 for correct guess.
  • Gioco del superpacco (Game of the superbox, September 2012 – June 2013)
Before opening one of the first three boxes, the player is asked to guess the content of the box. If the player guesses correctly, the biggest unrevealed amount other than €500,000 becomes €500,000.
  • Che jella sia (What bad luck is, from September 2013 onwards)
The player can decide whether to play the game with 5 to 14 boxes remaining. Each of the "blues" remaining (including La Matta, and Pacco X if its value is less than €5,000) has a value of €10,000. If the player managed to reveal all "reds" with at least one "blue" unrevealed, the player wins €10,000 for each "blue" unrevealed. Otherwise, the player leaves with nothing.
  • Gioco dei 3 Pacchi (Game of 3 boxes, from September 2013 onwards)
The player wins an extra €5,000 if the box containing Pachito is found within the first three picks.


On February 5, 2007, Flavio appeared with his models on the US version of "Deal or No Deal" via satellite, to wish a contestant from Sicily luck. The Sicilian, who appeared on the US show with his extended family, was also an avid viewer of Affari Tuoi.


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