Affiliated Senior High School of National Taiwan Normal University

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HSNU Logo.png
143 Xinyi Road, Section 3
Taipei, Taiwan 106
Type Uni High (University High School)
Motto Be Humanistic, Be Athletic, Be Scientific, Be Democratic, Be Patriotic
Established 1947
School district Da-an District, Taipei City
Principal Ten-Jin Hong 洪仁進
Staff 299
Grades 7th-9th in junior high school, and 10th-12th (1st-3rd) in senior high school
Enrollment Approximately 3,100 in senior high school, 700 in junior high school.
Total enrollment is 3,900.
Affiliation National Taiwan Normal University
Campus 83925 square meters

The Affiliated Senior High School of National Taiwan Normal University (HSNU; Traditional Chinese: 國立臺灣師範大學附屬高級中學, 附中, 師大附中) is a Taiwanese senior high school (or "high school," as opposed to "middle school" in certain usages). It is ranked second among all the senior high schools in Taiwan, usually with a requirement of PR98 and above on the National Senior High School Entrance Exams. The campus is located in Da-an District in Taipei, Taiwan.


HSNU was founded in Taiwan as "Taipei Third State High School" in 1937 under Japanese rule. Until the end of World War II, ninety percent of the student body was Japanese.

On December 5, 1945, the government of the Republic of China changed the school's name to "Taiwan Third Provincial High School" and then again on January 1, 1946, to "Taiwan Provincial Taipei He-ping High School." Under the name "He-ping High School," the school's purpose was to educate Japanese children who did not return to Japan; at the time, most of the teachers were Japanese.

In 1947, China's political situation changed again. Government administrators' families who had lived in mainland China came to Taiwan, and the government let their children to study at He-ping High School. At that time, Taiwan Provincial Teachers' College (now National Taiwan Normal University) was preparing to establish an experimental high school as a teachers' training ground, so the college applied for the establishment of a new school. On August 1, 1947, He-ping High School became "The Affiliated Senior High School of Taiwan Provincial Teachers' College." There was also a junior high school section. In October 1949, the school took in 310 students from the National Revolutionary Army's Children's School, the largest number taken by a school in that area.

In 1955, the name of the governing teachers' college was changed to "Normal University." In 1961, the junior high school section closed, and in 1967, the teachers' college changed names once again, from "Provincial" to "National;" thus, the high school's name became "The Affiliated High School of National Taiwan Normal University." However, it was not until an associate professor of the NTNU's Education Department, Huang Zhen-Qiu, became HSNU's principal, were the high school and the university closely tied.

The film Blue Gate Crossing portrays school life in HSNU.

School features[edit]

Graduation ceremony[edit]

The annual graduation ceremony is an event organized and decorated solely by students that have been admitted into university. The team of students adorn the settings of ceremony to a theme, arrange the entertainment programs and shoot their own music videos. This event is reported by the mass media every year.


Under Japanese rule, boys' high school uniforms in Taiwan were similar to military uniforms, khaki from top to bottom. In 1983, HSNU changed the uniform to a light blue button-down shirt with dark blue trousers. The girls' uniform was designed when girls started to enroll in the school's music program. The girls' uniform consisted of a white button-down shirt and a light blue suit skirt (with double folds down the front). The girls' uniform comes with an optional blazer jacket that matches the skirt. Most choose to wear the more comfortable black tracksuit jacket.

Experimental classes[edit]

In addition to normal classes, there have been experimental classes in HSNU. For example, between 1950 and 1961, HSNU tried a system with a four-year junior high school with two years of senior high school. The experimental science class was established in 1978 (Class 420 and Class 430 were created in the first year). In the year 2004, the Honors English Class (also known as, "English Experimental Class") was established. The first class was Senior High Class 1111.

School anthem[edit]

HSNU's school anthem was composed during principal Huang's era by Shi Wei-Liang (史惟亮, Music Teacher). The text, in Chinese, was written by Guo Tang (郭橖, History Teacher) and Xiao Hui-Kai (蕭輝楷, Compilation Leader).

Chinese Version:



HSNU, HSNU, our cradle,
Established in Taiwan in boundless beacon war fire.
Mount Jade gives us cleverness and grandeur,
The East China Sea makes us broad-minded.
We come from far and near and integrate all our merits together.
We are loving, earnest and sincere so that teachers and students live together harmoniously.
We encourage each other to form moral character and strong bodies,
We are the backbone of the new age of China.
Elite nurtured by HSNU can take up the heavy responsibility of a new generation,
We are never afraid of difficulties.
Let's cooperate to make efforts for the rebirth of China,
Let's enlighten the land of enchanting beauty, our fatherland, with the spirit of HSNU.

Notable alumni[edit]

including Ashin (Chen Hsin Hung), the vocalist(Senior High Class 778 美術班)
 ;Monster (Wen Shang Yi, Senior High Class 776), the leader and guitarist
吉他手石頭 (石錦航,Senior High Class 818),
貝斯手瑪莎 (蔡昇晏,Senior High Class 819),
  • Relax One - Two of the four member group are alumni of HSNU:包括有吉他社社員—鼓手阿貴 (趙貴民,Senior High Class 844)以及吉他手小毛(毛琮文,Junior High Class 79)。
  • Yen Chun-Chieh - Senior High Class 108, pianist.
  • Yu You-cheng - Experimental Class 5, executive board member of One Angstrom Investment Company. Worked at Intel Corp. for nearly 30 years, Started the Asian Culture Integration club while in Intel.
  • Chen Zi-wei - Senior High Class 872, captain of Chinese Taipei's field hockey team.
  • Evan Yo - Senior High Class 1046 (Music Class), pop singer signed with Sony BMG; his debut album was "19".

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