Affleck Castle

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Affleck Castle

Affleck Castle, also known as Auchenleck Castle, is a tall L-plan tower house dating from the 15th century, 1 mile (1.6 km) west of Monikie Parish Church, Angus, Scotland.[1][2] It is a scheduled monument.[3] It is not open to the public.


The castle was built on the lands of the Auchenlecks of that Ilk.[2] In the early 18th century it belonged to a family of Reids,[2] who forfeited the castle in 1746 because of their activities as Jacobites.[4] It has not been occupied since 1760, when a new mansion was built.[2]


Affleck Castle is a well-preserved free-standing tower of four storeys and a parapeted garret.[4] It is 60 feet (18 m) tall, and has thick rubble walls, with several mural rooms.[2] A few steps down from the entrance is the basement, which is sub-divided.[2]

The hall, which is on the first floor, has a vaulted ceiling; this supports a withdrawing room.[2] Above the main staircase is an entresol bedroom, almost 7 feet (2.1 m) square, reached by an eleven-step staircase in the east wall. The stairs lead from the hall.[2] The withdrawing room has a spy-hole into the hall below.[2] This would have allowed all movement to the main turnpike stair to be observed.[2] The room has window seats, wall closets, and a shafted fireplace.[2] A step up from this room leads to a circular oratory, equipped with aumbry, piscine, holy-water stoup and stone candle-holders.[2] This room is also vaulted.[2] There is a bedroom in each of the upper floors.[2]

A projection by the door, with a square caphouse, houses the stair.[2] There is another square caphouse over the south-west angle.[2] There are two devices for dropping missiles or liquids on attackers: one over the arched door; and the other on the west front,[2] while the ground floor is equipped with gun loops.[1]


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Coordinates: 56°32′18″N 2°49′27″W / 56.5384°N 2.8243°W / 56.5384; -2.8243