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Afflicted 2013 movie poster.jpg
Directed byDerek Lee
Clif Prowse
Produced byChris Ferguson
Zach Lipovsky
Written byDerek Lee
Clif Prowse
StarringClif Prowse
Derek Lee
Music byEdo Van Breemen
CinematographyNorm Li
Edited byGreg Ng
Distributed byCBS Films
Release date
  • September 9, 2013 (2013-09-09) (TIFF)
  • April 4, 2014 (2014-04-04) (US/Canada)
Running time
85 minutes
Box office$121,200[2]

Afflicted is a 2013 Canadian found footage horror film that was written and directed by Derek Lee and Clif Prowse, and is their feature film directorial debut. It had its world premiere on September 9, 2013 at the Toronto International Film Festival, where it won a special jury citation for Best Canadian First Feature Film. Lee and Prowse also star in Afflicted as two friends whose goal to film themselves traveling the world is cut short when one of them contracts a mysterious disease.

Afflicted received a theatrical and video-on-demand release on April 4, 2014.


Childhood friends Clif Prowse and Derek Lee have decided to venture all over the world to film their travel web series "Ends of the Earth". The trip is Derek's last wish, as he has an AVM, which could cause his death at any moment.

Clif and Derek stop in Barcelona to meet with old friends currently on tour with their band. After their initially uneventful stay, Derek picks up a woman by the name of Audrey after telling her about his AVM. Later that night, Clif bursts into Derek's hotel room as a prank, only to discover a bleeding and scratched Derek, and no sign of Audrey. Though Derek doesn't remember anything about the attack, they assume that Audrey planned to rob him.

Upon getting to Italy, Derek passes out and sleeps for an entire day. Clif awakens him the next afternoon for lunch. At the restaurant, Derek hungrily devours his pasta dish before suddenly projectile vomiting. Later, at a vineyard, Derek has an extreme reaction to sunlight, and is forced to flee inside, covered in burns. Back at the hotel room, Clif attempts to calm Derek down, only for Derek to explosively punch clean through the corner of a stone wall with his bare hands.

Over the next few days, Derek displays heightened strength, speed and agility. Clif attempts to persuade Derek to stop their trip and come home, but Derek continues to insist that there is nothing wrong with him. As Derek grows sicker due to not being able to eat, he finally agrees to go to a hospital. On the way, the two are almost hit by a car. Derek fights with the angry driver and passenger, completely overpowering them both, before licking their blood off his hand.

Clif correctly deduces that Derek has contracted vampirism, but researching online proves useless. Derek first tries drinking blood obtained from a butcher, and then kills and drains a man's pet piglet, only to vomit out the blood on both occasions. Realizing that Derek needs human blood, he and Clif attempt to rob an ambulance, which proves unsuccessful, and they retreat back to the hotel. Derek enters a catatonic state, and Clif decides to slit his own wrist to give Derek some of his blood, but discovers that Derek has escaped. He attempts to find him, only to be ambushed and killed by the completely inhuman Derek. Upon regaining his senses and realizing that he has killed his friend, Derek shoots himself in the head with a shotgun. Shortly after, however, Derek's head heals with only slight scarring, and he is faced with the fact that he is unable to be killed.

Soon after, Interpol agents attempt to take Derek into custody, forcing him to escape in daylight, carrying only Clif's camera bag. He manages to get back to France and hides in an abandoned warehouse in Paris. Reviewing the footage of his meeting with Audrey, he realizes that her cell phone might be at the hotel where she bit him. After retrieving the cell phone, Derek texts every one of the numbers on the contact list in order to try and lure someone to him. Eventually, he gets a text from a man to come to a room in a bulding, where Derek goes and finds a bloodstained saw and photographs; one of them showing an old black and white photograph of Audrey. Suddenly Derek is attacked from behind, but is thanks to his superior strength able to overpower the attacker, whom he ties up. Derek then sets up a live-stream event showing Maurice tied up in order to draw Audrey in. The attacker turns out to be a man by the name Maurice Behar, 56, an acquaintance of Audrey who is bitter that Audrey turned Derek but not Maurice, commenting; ""Fifty years and you are the first one she turned". Maurice nevertheless warns Derek to leave, lest Audrey will soon arrive and kill him. Suddenly, however, Derek's hideout is stormed by the GIGN and Derek is shot to near-death before entering a frenzy state. After slaughtering the whole squad, Derek escapes once again.

Audrey finally comes to Derek in the abandoned building where she attacks him and tells him to never approach her or Maurice ever again, before suddenly relinquishing, telling Derek that he is not feeding properly. She tells the distraught Derek that there is no cure for his condition, adding that she would have cured herself if there were, to which Derek responds by furiously lashing out at her and the two fight. However Derek is easily overpowered by the more experienced Audrey. Audrey urges him to feed every four to five day, lest he become inhuman again and turns into "something much worse" and start begin killing indiscriminately and daily. Audrey tells him that he cannot choose not to kill but he can choose whom to kill, and explains that she chose Derek because he was dying and thought she was being kind.

Later, Derek posts his final entry online, in which he explains that he can never contact his family again. He thereafter approches Maurice, who he still has tied up, and kills him.

In a mid-credits scene, somewhere in Italy, a teenage boy and two teenage girls are seen sneaking into a swimming pool, only to be attacked. The boy gets away, and with his camera running, finds the bloodied corpse of one of the girls before Clif, now also a vampire, appears and attacks him.



Filming took place in Barcelona, Paris, Italy, and Vancouver[3] on a budget of $318,000.[1] Funding was raised through a small grant and through Prowse and Lee's family and friends.[3] Afflicted was their first feature-length film, as the two had previous only created short films together.[4] The movie's original concept was initially planned to be a web series akin to Lonelygirl15 or Marble Hornets, where the two would make posts and upload videos that would seem ordinary but grow more bizarre over time.[4] Of the concept, Prowse commented that "You'd eventually have all these gaps because eventually the characters would stop posting and then the feature film would be this skeleton key that would click at the very end that you'd present."[4] They chose to make Derek's disease vampirism, as they felt that vampires are usually in "very stylized, cinematic, often melodramatic, and romanticized films" and were not traditionally filmed otherwise.[3][4]

As the two were not familiar with filming in the found footage genre, Prowse and Lee found the filming challenging and commented that they had a lot of respect for the crews of films such as The Blair Witch Project and Paranormal Activity.[4][5] They commented that their choice to star as the film's protagonists helped make the process easier, as it allowed them more freedom to shoot and re-shoot scenes.[5] Lee commented that his role of "Derek" was very physically taxing due to the weather in Italy and the demands of the role.[3]


The film's trailer is notable for showing a selection of the characters' "travelogue" scenes in reverse order: Entry 206, Entry 185, Entry 163, Entry 151, and so on, each scene suggesting the horrors that are growing throughout the story. Germain Lussier of wrote, "The Afflicted trailer might be one of the best "Hollywood" has released in a long time. Unlike traditional trailers, which are presented linearly, this one starts at the beginning, jumps to the end and works backward, showing how two friends' trip around the world goes horribly, horribly wrong."[6]


Critical reviews for Afflicted have been mostly positive and as of April 7, 2014, the movie holds a rating of 83% on Rotten Tomatoes based on 29 reviews, with an average score of 6.75/10. The site's consensus reads: "It isn't without its share of clichés, but Afflicted proves there's still life in the found-footage horror genre".[7] We Got This Covered rated the film favorably, as the film did not deal with "zombies, plagues, or flesh-eating viruses" and had "beautiful cinematography and clear, crisp pictures" as opposed to "swirling cameramen trying to give us motion sickness".[8]

Box office[edit]

For its opening weekend, Afflicted opened in 44 theatres, and grossed $68,300, for an average of $1,552 per theatre.[2] As of April 13, 2014, Afflicted has grossed $102,851.[2]



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