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Affliction Clothing
Industry Apparel
Founded 2005
Headquarters Seal Beach, California, United States
Products Graphic T-shirts, Denim, Jackets, Fleece, Wovens and Accessories
Revenue $100M (2008) [1]
Owner Eric Foss, Courtney Dubar

Affliction Clothing is an American clothing manufacturer and retailer based in Seal Beach, California.[1] It is owned by Affliction Holdings LLC.


Affliction Clothing was launched in August 2005 by Courtney Dubar, Todd Beard, Eric Foss, and Clifton Chason. In 2012, Courtney Dubar (current CEO) bought Todd Beard’s portions of the company, making him majority shareholder of Affliction Clothing.


Affliction's clothing line includes men’s and women’s T-shirts, polo shirts, thermals, button downs, hoodies, denim, dresses, watches, headwear, shorts, and swimwear. While the Company has deep roots in the MMA community, its “Live Fast” motto represents and appeals to audiences who appreciate a variety of disciplines and eras such as Rock & Roll, Moto Culture, Tattoo, Vintage Americana, Mixed Martial Arts and Impact Sports. Many of Affliction's shirts bear the logo of many of the world's top-ranked MMA fighters, which they called it Signature Series, that includes Randy Couture, Georges St-Pierre, Fedor Emelianenko, Quinton Jackson, Renato Sobral and many world-class boxing superstars, including Oscar De La Hoya, Shane Mosley and Zab Judah. Affliction has also produced signature shirts in collaboration with well-known musicians like Avenged Sevenfold, Ozzy Osbourne, Black Sabbath, Megadeth, Pantera, Korn, Staind, Static-X, Testament, Shadows Fall, Atreyu, Behemoth, Biohazard and many more. Most of the designs incorporate graphic images of angel wings, roses, skulls, skeletons, crosses, swords, etc.

Affliction was a longtime sponsor of the Ultimate Fighting Championship and its fighters, until 2008, when it broke ranks and formed Affliction Entertainment to compete with the UFC. As a result, UFC banned its fighters from wearing Affliction branded clothing.[2]

American Fighter[edit]

American Fighter is a clothing and sports equipment company. Trade marked in 2006, becoming a registered trademark of Affliction Holdings LLC on April 22, 2008.[3] Several top name fighters have been sponsored by this sub brand, including Rich Franklin.


Archaic is a clothing line sold at stores such as Buckle and produced by Affliction.

Rebel Saints[edit]

Rebel Saints was trademarked by Affliction Holdings LLC on September 27, 2011.[4] The line of clothing is sold primarily at Spencer's Gifts.


Sinful is a clothing line specifically designed for women, as part of the Affliction Inc. and is the sister brand to Affliction men's clothing. Its T-shirts, pants, and hoodies often feature a mix of spirited elements, including angels, angel wings, doves, crosses, burning hearts, roses and skulls.


Throwdown was founded as a premium hard goods company, highly focused on positioning its products and services within the explosive growth of Mixed Martial Arts and the Combative Sports Industry. Affliction joined forces with Throwdown to develop a full clothing brand in order to complement the already successful hard goods line with items such as protective gear, training bags, cages and rings. Throwdown clothing is sold worldwide at sports clothing retailers as well as independent fashion stores such as Honcho-SFX [1] located in the UK.

Xtreme Couture[edit]

Xtreme Couture clothing was founded in 2006 by Affliction, in a partnership with Randy Couture [2].


In June 2011, Affliction sponsored a photo contest in which the prize was a custom Harley-Davidson worth $25,000 or $12,000. These motorcycles were:

  • A men’s 2010 Harley-Davidson Softail ‘crossbones’ American Customs Harley-Davidson customized Motorcycle with 1584 Twin cam 96B counterbalanced engine – worth about $25,000 after customizations.
  • A women’s 2010 Sportster 883 American Customs Harley-Davidson customized Motorcycle with Low Rubber mounted 883cc Evolution engine - worth about $12,000 after customizations.


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