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Afgan: The Soviet Experience
Afgan The Soviet Experience Title Card.jpg
The title card for Afgan: The Soviet Experience
Directed by Jeff B. Harmon
Produced by Jeff B. Harmon
Release dates
  • 1989 (1989)
Running time
40 Minutes

Afgan: The Soviet Experience is a 1989 documentary film produced and directed by Jeff B. Harmon about the Soviet war in Afghanistan.

It tells the stories of officers and soldiers serving in various units of the Soviet Armed Forces just prior to their withdrawal from Afghanistan, after the signing of the Geneva Accords.

The 40 minute film includes combat missions with the Spetsnaz elite units, never before filmed by a Western crew. It also shows helicopter gunship pilots from a Kabul-based Air Assault Unit flying missions, the patrolling of the Salang mountain pass and the military hospital in Kabul.

Soviet General Lev Serebrov referred to the making of the film as "An experiment in glasnost".

The film won the Blue Ribbon at the American Film & Video Festival.

It was a Duce Films International Ltd. Production for Channel 4 and National Geographic Explorer.

The film is part of Harmon's "Afghan Trilogy", which also included the documentaries “Jihad” and “Warlord of Kayan”.

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