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The Afghan Ministry of Information and Culture is the Afghan Government Ministry in charge of Culture, Tourism, Publishing Affairs and Youth Affairs. The ministry is currently led by Abdul Bari Jahani.[1]


Abdul Rahim Nevin July 17, 1973 - April 28, 1978 Nevin was appointed by President Daoud Khan as the first Information and Culture Minister of the Republic of Afghanistan.
Sayed Makhdoom Raheen December 2001 - March 2006
  • Founder of the Association for Peace and Democracy for Afghanistan (APDA)
  • Did not receive enough votes of confidence in the Afghan Parliament and had to resign
Abdul Karim Khoram March 2006 - January 2010
Sayed Makhdoom Raheen January 2010 - April 2015
  • Returned as Minister of Information and Culture after being Afghan Ambassador to India and this time received enough votes of confidence
Abdul Bari Jahani April 2015 - November 2016 Jahani served as foreign aid manager for the Ministry of Education (MoE) for two years (1976 and 1978.) In 1981 he was appointed as Deputy Director for the Afghanistan National Radio Television. Jahani joined Voice of America (VoA) in 1983. He retired from VOA in 2010.

Jahani has written the lyrics of Afghan National Anthem.[1][2]


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