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Afghan Premier League (APL)
Afghan Premier League logo.png
Country  Afghanistan
Confederation AFC
Founded 2012
Number of teams 8
Current champions Shaheen Asmayee
Most championships Shaheen Asmayee (2 titles)
TV partners Tolo TV and Lemar TV
Website Official Website

The Afghan Premier League (APL) also known as Roshan Afghan Premier League [1] is Afghanistan's first national association football league.[2] The league was first played out in 2012 and consisted of eight teams, each representing one region in Afghanistan. Two seasons have been played so far, with the first Toofan Harirod winning the title in 2012, and the second season; Shaheen Asmayee winning it in 2013.[3] Before the founding of the Afghan Premier League, the Kabul Premier League had been considered the nation's top league.[4] The third season of the Afghan Premier League, sees Shaheen Asmayee as the defending champions. The 2014 Afghan Premier League season began officially on the 28th of August, 2014. In the third season of the Afghan Premier League, Shaheen Asmayee defeated Qqaban Hindukush 3-2 goals after extra time, to become Champions of the 2014 Afghan Premier League for the second time in a row. It is the first time in the history of the league, in which a team have become back to back champions.


The League was established in 2012 with the first season running through September and October of that year. 8 teams were concurrently established in 2012 to become the inaugural competitors. In October 2012, the Afghanistan Football Federation confirmed a second season of the competition would be held in 2013.[5]

Players for the league were found through a reality television show called Maidan e sabz ("Green Field").[6] The concept came from the Afghanistan Football Federation and the Afghanistan-based MOBY Group, which owns a number of TV channels and radio stations and is the largest media group in the country. MOBY Group channels will broadcast matches. Players were voted onto teams by a jury and by the television audience. Eight teams of 18 players, one from every region, were formed.[7]

The Afghan High Peace Council has praised the creation and development of the League as an, "opportunity to bring peace and stability" to Afghanistan.[5] That the game was new to parts of the people could be noticed in the first season. A reporter tried to do an interview with a player during a match, and at one point a large number of spectators left the stadium after the first half was finished.[8]

Toofaan Harirod F.C. won the first season and 15,000 USD beating Simorgh Alborz F.C. 2-1 in the final match of the tournament in Kabul. Large Numbers of supporters and officials from the government came together in the stadium to watch the final match, Including Abdullah Abdullah, Governing body of Afghanistan Football Federation and others.[8]

In the second season of the Afghan Premier League, Shaheen Asmayee F.C. and Simorgh Alborz F.C. qualified for the 2013 final. Simorgh Alborz's second final in the two years of the Premier League where Shaheen Asmayee won the game 3-1 after extra time.[9] Season 2014, Oqaban Hindukush F.C. qualified for the first time for the final of the Afghan Premier League.

In the third season of the Afghan Premier League, Shaheen Asmayee F.C. defeated Oqaban Hindukush F.C. 3-2 goals after extra time, to become Champions of 2014 RAPL for the second time in a row. It is the first time in the history of the league, in which a team have become back to back champions.


As per official draw on September 11, the 8 teams were divided into 2 pots of 4 of which one was seeded and subsequently into two groups.

TV Rights[edit]

All matches of the APL are aired live by two private channels in Afghanistan, namely Tolo TV and Lemar TV.[10] Arman FM and Arakozia FM offer live commentary of the match through the country. Matches are also available live on the world's largest video sharing website YouTube on the league's official YouTube page.[11]


Roshan Telecom is the title sponsor of Afghan Premier League after which it is named as Roshan Afghan Premier League. Official Partners of Afghan Premier League are Afghanistan International Bank and Hummel International which provided kit for the teams.[12]


Year Winner Finals result Runner-ups Top Scorers Goals
2012 Toofaan Harirod F.C. 2–1 Simorgh Alborz F.C. Hamidullah Karimi 9
2013 Shaheen Asmayee F.C. 3–1 a.e.t. Simorgh Alborz F.C. Hamidullah Karimi, Hashmatullah Barakzai & Fayaz Azizi 7
2014 Shaheen Asmayee F.C. 3-2 a.e.t. Oqaban Hindukush F.C. Mohammad Riza Rizayee 6

Performances by Team[edit]

Team Champions Runners-up
Shaheen Aasmayee F.C 2 (2013,2014) 0
Toofan Harirod F.C 1 (2012) 0
Simorgh Alborz F.C 0 2 (2012,2013)
Oqaban Hindukush F.C. 0 1 (2014)
Mawjhai Amu F.C. 0 0
De Maiwand Atalan F.C. 0 0
De Spin Ghar Bazan F.C. 0 0
De Abasin Sape F.C. 0 0


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