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The Afghan Wireless Communication Company (, is Afghanistan's first wireless communications company and the founder of Afghanistan's wireless communications market. In 1998, Afghan Wireless was awarded Afghanistan's first GSM License. Afghan Wireless launched its wireless communications services in 2002. The Company provides HD Voice, 2G, High-Speed 3G and 3.75G Data, Internet, Super WiFi and My Money ™ Mobile Payment Services to 4.2 million Business and Consumer clients located in all of Afghanistan's 34 provinces.

Afghan Wireless clients enjoy worldwide communications services through the Company's partnerships with 425 carrier networks located in 125 countries. Afghan Wireless has invested over $400,000,000 to develop Afghanistan's most technologically advanced wireless communications network and it remains Afghanistan's only mobile communications company that provides service to every province in the nation. Afghan Wireless employs 6,000 individuals and the Company is directly responsible for the creation of 100,000 jobs throughout Afghanistan.

Corporate Structure:

Afghan Wireless is a joint venture between The Bayat Group (80%) and the Afghan Ministry of Communications (20%). The Company was founded in 2002, by Dr. Ehsan Bayat, the prominent Afghan business executive, philanthropist and Chairman of The Bayat Group ( The Bayat Group is Afghanistan's leading diversified services company, comprising Media and Telecoms (AWCC, Ariana TV/Radio), Energy (Bayat Energy), Construction, Security and Logistics Enterprises.

Founded and led by Afghans, Afghan Wireless has played a vital role in Afghanistan's economic development and the modernization of the country's communications sector. Afghan citizens comprise 99% of Afghan Wireless' workforce. The Company has dedicated substantial resources to developing the educational, entrepreneurial and administrative capabilities of its workforce. Afghan Wireless has established partnerships with Afghanistan's leading Universities and Technical Institutes. The Company also provides scholarships to all of its employees who are enrolled in accredited educational and professional development programs.


Afghan Wireless provides a broad range of Prepaid and Postpaid Wireless Communications Services to the Afghan Corporate and Consumer markets:

Business Communications Services:


E1, is Afghan Wireless high quality, high-capacity voice solution for companies that generate large volumes of voice calls.

Call Center Services:

Afghan Wireless provided call center and customer care center solutions.

STM Solution:

Business Class Internet service providing enterprises with high-speed Internet service.


Blackberry, from Afghan Wireless, keeps mobile professionals continuously connected their email, corporate information and their colleagues.Blackberry from Afghan Wireless, provides true nationwide coverage on Afghanistan's fastest and most advanced communications network.

Internet 3.75G/2G:

Internet Service Plans for business.

Super WiFi:

Super WiFi is Afghan Wireless dedicated high speed network. WiFi-enabled devices can use the Super WiFi network to connect to the Internet directly, without a GSM data connection.


Bemasal is a monthly plan that provides users with free minutes valid for mobile to mobile calls on the Afghan Wireless network and on other networks within Afghanistan.

Plan 5-4 For Business:

The Afghan Wireless 5-4 Plan for Business: Call five countries (Canada, China, India, Malaysia and the USA), for just 4 AFN per minute.

Consumer Communications Services:

Jawanan Sim:

Jawanan Sim is Afghan Wireless affordable, fixed rate calling plan developed for youths.

Banu Sim:

Banu is Afghan Wireless communications service plan for women.

Plan 2.99: One Rate Nationwide:

Call any local number in Afghanistan for just 2.99 AFN per minute and receive 10 second pulses for 50 pol.


Afghan Wireless Callertone Music Service allows users to download songs to use as ringtones.

World Radio:

Streaming music service.

Lifestyle Content:

SMS feed of the latest news, sports, weather and entertainment information.

Islamic Service:

The Afghan Wireless Islamic Portal provides access to religious content.

Afghan Wireless Jobs Portal:

The Afghan Wireless Jobs Portal sends alerts each time an employment opportunity matches a user's professional qualifications.

MMS Service:

Send pictures, video and voice messages (up to 200KB), from Afghan Wireless mobile devices.

Balance Transfer:

Transfer account balances to another Afghan Wireless device for a fee of 2AFN.

SMS Bundles:

Prepaid SMS Service enabling the transmission of text messages to other Afghan Wireless users.

Facebook Bundles:

Afghan Wireless prepaid clients can access their Facebook accounts from their mobile devices, by using the company's daily or monthly Facebook Bundles Service.

Wikipedia Via SMS:

Wikipedia via SMS enables users to access the online encyclopedia without an Internet connection.

Learn English Portal:

A voice based learning service enabling users to receive English lessons via their mobile handsets.

Shayeri Portal:

Read the works of famous poets via SMS.

Khazana Portal:

News, Features and Entertainment Portal.

My Money ™ Mobile Payments Service

My Money™ is Afghan Wireless' mobile payments service. Accessing the My Money service via their Afghan Wireless mobile devices, Afghan Wireless customers can use My Money to top-up their AWCC mobile accounts, send and receive funds, and pay for goods and services. Over 90% of Afghans have access AWCC's My Money service. A growing number of private businesses now use the My Money service to provide salary payments to their employees.

Afghan Wireless and The Bayat Foundation: Promoting Positive Social and Community Development

Afghan Wireless supports the social, educational and community development programs of The Bayat Foundation (, the non-profit charitable organization established by Ehsan Bayat, the Founder of Afghan Wireless.

Since 2005, The Bayat Foundation has sponsored over 300 Health, Education and Social Development projects. The Foundation's initiatives include emergency food distribution, the construction of wells, educational and healthcare facilities, including the development of 12 Maternity Hospitals which have provided healthcare to over 1,500,000 mothers and children. The Foundation also sponsors programs and events which promote entrepreneurship, social justice, strong families and cultural preservation.

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