Afghan parliamentary election, 1988

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Afghan parliamentary election, 1988
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All 234 seats to the House of the People
  First party Second party
Leader Mohammad Najibullah
Party PDPA National Front
Seats won 46 45

Prime Minister before election

Sultan Ali Keshtmand

Elected Prime Minister

Mohammad Hasan Sharq

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Elections were held in Afghanistan in April, 1988 for a two-chamber National Assembly to replace the Revolutionary Council. Although the elections were boycotted by the mujaheddin, the government leaves 50 of the 234 seats vacant in the House of the People and a small number of seats in the House of Elders, with hope that the guerrillas will abandon their armed struggle and present their own representatives to participate in the new administration. The People's Democratic Party got only 46 seats, but was guaranteed to get support from the National Front, which gained 45, and from the various newly recognized left-wing parties, which got a total of 24 seats.

Summary of the April 1988 Regional House of the People election results
Party Seats Votes
People's Democratic Party of Afghanistan 46
National Front 45
New left-wing parties 24
Others 69
Empty 50
Total 234 ~1,547,000
Source: Inter-Parliamentary Union