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Afghanistan Investment Support Agency - AISA - (Pashto: د افغانستان د پانګې اچونې د ملاټر اداره‎ / Persian: اداره حمايه سرمايه گذاری افغانستان‎‎) was established in September 2003 as an agency that is charged with the responsibility to facilitate registration, licensing and promotion of all investments in Afghanistan.[1] Its purpose is to attract industrial investment. AISA does this byyproviding services to investors, facilitating cross border partnerships, advocating business enabling measures & reforms and by proactively promoting Afghanistan as an attractive business and investment destination.[2]


AISA has been restructured into the following departments:

  • Licensing Department
  • Investment Promotion Department
  • Research and Policy Department
  • Investors’ Support Department
  • Industrial Parks Development Department
  • Regional Offices
  • Regional Parks

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