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The Afghanistan Music Foundation has been created for the purpose of raising the theoretical level of musicians in Afghanistan as well as getting the support and protection of foreign countries.


The Afghanistan Music foundation was founded by Shukoor Qhayoumi (chief), Shareef Sahil (assistant), Mahsod Khaibar (assistant), as well as other group members and the amateur artists of lyric, local and classical songs, and many adroit musicians on May 14, 2006. It was registered in the Justice Ministry of Afghanistan by the (321) license number.

Afghanistan Music Foundation logo

The logo (AMF) was established on July 21, 2006, in the Parwan Hotel of the Parwan Province. Many honorable ministers, intellectuals, authors, musicians, ambassadors, diplomats from associate countries and individuals from Human Wright Organization participated in this ceremony. The national song was performed by some musicians as an opening. This was followed by a speech made by Sayed Makhdoom Raheen, the minister of (MoCY), about art and music, and a talk about the purposes and strategies of the establishment of (AMF) by Shukoor Qhayoumi, the chief and founder of (AMF), who also requested that all the inside and outside institutions of Afghanistan support and protect (AMF) from institutionalism without consequential reason.

Finally, Dr Rangeen Dadfar Spanta, the foreign political advisor and candidate for the (MoFA) Foreign Affairs Ministry, added few words about the different area of music and the several challenges and difficulties that they face. Some well-known artists also gave speech on these bases. Dr. Spanta, Shukoor Qhayoumi, Amir Jan Sabori, engineer Sediq Qeyam, Ustaad Gul Zaman and Gul Makai Shah launched the Afghanistan music foundation. At the end, some of the guests went to the center office. The office was established by Jawan Shir Haidari the superior of cinematographers and artists organization in Afghanistan. The ceremony was ended by a concert performed by artists from music foundation.

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