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The Afghanistan Pakistan People's Friendship Association is a non-governmental organization group which operates in Pakistan and Afghanistan. These two nations neighbor each other and have had at times turbulent relationships.[1] The aims of the association are to promote various issues such as refugees,[2] free trade zones, education, landmines, and poverty, as well as challenging government policies.[citation needed] [3] The organisation organises various conferences,[4] including collaborative efforts with the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan.[5]


The Afghanistan Pakistan People's Friendship Association was established in December 2001. Under this Friendship Association, three conferences have been held at Peshawar, Quetta and Karachi.[6]

In June 2003 the association, along with the human rights commission of Pakistan, organised a conference in the city of Karachi to discuss the situation of Afghan refugees. The conference criticised various government policies including military action in the Mohmand Agency which borders Afghanistan. The conference claimed that such actions were an impediment to the normalisation of relations between the two countries.[7] The association has also urged both countries to release each other's citizens in jail for petty offences as well as urging Pakistan to relax visa restrictions for Afghans.[8]


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