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For the name, see Afif (name).
Afif is located in Saudi Arabia
Coordinates: 23°54′36″N 42°55′13″E / 23.91000°N 42.92028°E / 23.91000; 42.92028Coordinates: 23°54′36″N 42°55′13″E / 23.91000°N 42.92028°E / 23.91000; 42.92028
Country  Saudi Arabia
Province Najd
Population (2004)
 • Total 39,581
Time zone EAT (UTC+3)
 • Summer (DST) EAT (UTC+3)

Afif (Arabic: عفيفʿAfīf) is a city in central Saudi Arabia, in the Najd region. It is situated approximately half-way between Riyadh and Mecca. The modern town was established in the 1910s as a hijra, or "settlement", for the nomadic tribes of the area, particularly the tribe of 'Utaybah (see Ikhwan). It has since then grown into a small city of 39,581 as of the 2004 census,[1] not counting the surrounding towns and villages, which together with 'Afif form the 'Afif Governorate.

The city once served as a gateway between the central and western regions of Saudi Arabia. The city is also known to be the first landing site of the first airplane owned by King Abdulaziz the first king of Saudi Arabia. It should also be noted that a majority of King Abdulaziz's army came from Afif including members from the tribe that founded the town 'Utaybah, including Hnboj bin Hamad and Omar bin Rubaian