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Founded 2008
Service area Gush Dan
Rosh HaAyin
Sharon plain
West Bank
Service type bus service
Routes 31 (January 2014)

Afikim (Hebrew: אפיקים; lit. routes) is an Israel bus company that operates on routes connecting the Gush Dan and Sharon plain regions with the western Samaria region of the West Bank, as well as lines in Ashdod, Yavne, Rosh HaAyin and other locations.

The company was founded in 2008 and is part of Sela Holdings. It began operating on September 1, 2009. In 2013 Afikim purchased Connex's activity in Israel, significantly expanding its operations, and as of November 2014 operates about 145 routes. Its fleet numbers about 350 buses and a further 200 are being purchased for the Ashdod–Yavne–Tel Aviv sector.[1] In 2015, Afikim won the tender for cluster of Petah Tikva and Rosh HaAyin which includes all intracity service in Petah Tikva and Rosh HaAyin.

In May 6 2016, Afikim started to operate the intracity and intercity services in Rosh HaAyin and line 47 from Giv'at Shmuel to Petah Tikva.


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