Aflaj Irrigation Systems of Oman

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Aflaj Irrigation Systems of Oman
UNESCO World Heritage Site
Falaj Daris
CriteriaCultural: (v)
Inscription2006 (30th session)

The Aflaj Irrigation Systems of Oman are ancient water channels from 500 AD located in the regions of Dakhiliyah, Sharqiyah and Batinah. However, they represent a type of irrigation system as old as 5000 years in the region named as Qanat or Kariz as originally named in Persia.[1]

"Aflaj" is the plural of "Falaj", which means "split into parts" in classical Arabic. This irrigation system effectively divided the water among all the inhabitants; it flowed by gravity from their original sources to homes and cropland. The complex included watchtowers to protect it, but also mosques and other buildings.[2]

In 2006, five Aflaj Irrigation Systems of Oman were added to the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites: Falaj Al-Khatmeen, Falaj Al-Malki, Falaj Daris, Falaj Al-Mayassar and Falaj Al-Jeela.[3]

Notable Aflaj[edit]

Falaj Coordinates Area
Al-Katmeen 22°56′0″N 57°40′0″E / 22.93333°N 57.66667°E / 22.93333; 57.66667 135.028 ha (0.52135 sq mi)
Al-Malki 22°44′0″N 57°46′0″E / 22.73333°N 57.76667°E / 22.73333; 57.76667 600 ha (2.3 sq mi)
Daris 22°59′0″N 57°32′0″E / 22.98333°N 57.53333°E / 22.98333; 57.53333 389.468 ha (1.50374 sq mi)
Al-Jeela 22°47′0″N 59°10′0″E / 22.78333°N 59.16667°E / 22.78333; 59.16667 30.952 ha (0.11951 sq mi)
Al-Muyasser 23°21′0″N 57°27′0″E / 23.35000°N 57.45000°E / 23.35000; 57.45000 300.501 ha (1.16024 sq mi)

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